The Average Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery

If you do not have an insurance policy that will cover LASIK eye surgery but are tired of wearing glasses or contacts, you are likely wondering about the average cost of LASIK eye surgery in the current year. If so, this is your ultimate guide to guessing a ballpark figure for your eyes.

Before you start looking for quotes or following up on advertised rates, realize that the quotes you see are based on surgery for one eye only. This means you would have to double the cost for both eyes to be done at the same time.

You also need to realize that prices are not the same for everyone. What you will pay is likely to be somewhat different from what someone else would pay, even if they went in for surgery with the same doctor on the very same day. Why? It is because people who need more correction or who will likely demand more after care have to be charged a little more for the extra time investment.

You now probably see the trick behind those advertisements that claim to do LASIK for extremely low rates. The people who will qualify for those specials are the very few who need only minor corrections and little after care.

On another note, there are also great differences in prices from one geographic area of the country to another. This is likely because the surgery is more in demand in certain areas or higher quality doctors populate particular areas. Prices within the same zip code can even vary considerably in their price points.

This is because doctors with extensive training and years of experience will likely charge more than a doctor just starting out or with less official training in the procedure. This is why it is very important to consider the experience level of the doctor and not just go with the lowest priced option. The more experience they have the more they will understand when to use different techniques for optimal results.

If you prefer laser surgery over the standard bladed tool surgery, you can expect to pay a bit more as well. Laser surgery is a lot more popular today and the prices tend to be just a little higher.

If you want more precise technologies that are newer to the market you can expect the price tag to raise a big more as well. Wavefront LASIK is currently one of the most popular options because it can increase the accuracy of laser guided surgery.

Now, on with the average prices for the current year. The good news is the rates do not tend to be rising much at the current time.

The average price for LASIK surgery in general falls right around $ 2, 000. Remember, that is for one eye only. If you are going to require extensive corrections or need more after care, then you could pay a little more than this figure. Laser surgeries and advanced technologies tend to run a bit over this figure as well. On the other hand you could get a rate lower than this if you go with a blade surgery and do not need a lot of correction.

Remember, the average cost of LASIK surgery an vary depending on where you live and the exact provider you select.

When it comes to the average cost LASIK eye surgery it’s important to consider an overall average. The bate and switch ads you see on TV are not indicative of the average cost LASIK eye surgery for a number of reasons.