The downside of LASIK surgery

Currently, it may be quite easy to hear people singing praises about LASIK surgery, which is thought to get rid patients of annoying eyeglasses or contact lenses. It is true that LASIK procedure can bring extraordinary benefits beyond either corrective spectacles or contacts. However, the mentioned is only one side of surgery. And there is still the other side. In general, LASIK is a form of laser eye surgery which uses a precise, computer-guided laser to shave off a few layers on the impaired cornea. In this way, the cornea’s refractive ability can be restored to a normal level. In other words, this corneal reshaping engraves the prescription on the cornea permanently. Few people know that the corneal is only about half a millimeter thick, which requires the LASIK surgery to be very precise. However, it is also the delicate cornea that makes LASIK procedure to be accompanied with certain risks and possible complications. This is actually the other side of LASIK surgery, the downside exactly.


Until now, there have been a large number of unsatisfied customers which discourage a lot more patients from receiving LASIK surgery. For those people, any danger or scaring consequences are far worse than wearing corrective glasses or contact lenses. The following is some of the common disappointing results of the surgery. Postoperatively nasty side effects associated with LASIK surgery include starburst, halo effect, ruined night vision and dry eye and others. There are still patients who still need to partially rely on “plus” glasses for reading instead of “minus” glasses, which is a bad trade-off. For people with worse luck, they may end up wearing special corrective contact lenses.


And some patients need more than one procedure if the initial one is not successfully completed. This surely causes additional cost. Even if the initial procedure is claimed successful, the root cause may still be underlying, and then the vision may start deteriorating again after a period of time. Have a second thought about LASIK surgery.


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