The safety of lasik surgery

It is known that people are much vulnerable to various sorts of eye problems as they age, especially when they are over forty. This is rather obvious in those days when baby boomers come to this stage- more and more middle-aged and much older people now want to find some refractive procedures for their eye problems. And lasik eye surgery becomes their first choices in most cases.


In fact, lasik eye surgery is one of the best and most advanced eye procedures for various eye problems for people in any age group. This procedure can really play ideal role in eliminating certain vision problems, like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.


This procedures can benefits a lot to people from all walks of live in any age group, but there are still something to be noticed, especially those aged. This is because senior citizens are much easily prone to other vision problems simultaneously and more care is needed.


Many people have dry eyes after the surgery and some artificial eye drops are needed. This is because dryness can do some harm to the healing process, and sufficient moisture can make it recover much faster and easier. Therefore, many surgeons recommend patients to lubricate their eyes with certain eye drops.


During lasik eye procedure, laser is used as scalpel- this is much different from conventional way. And every step is meticulously calculated and can ensure great safety. Only a small cut and flap will be made on the surface of cornea- this can ensure much easier and quicker healing.


But one point should be noticed that there are still some complications and risk in the procedure with a possibility of 5%. Some discomfort and irritation may appear in that situation.


In addition, lasik eye surgery is not ideal option for all people; neither can it be used to rectify all problems. And people should consult with their eye doctors before getting it.


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