Protecting Your Eyes from Sun Damage is a Year Round Job

August 10, 2013, Australia- There are easy and reliable ways to protect one’s vision from potentially harmful UV rays. The sunglass lenses repair store The Sunglass Fix seeks to remind people that it is possible to greatly minimize the harm that UV rays may do to your vision with the right dietary choices and proper eye protection.

The idea that one only has to worry about protecting vision during the bright and sunny days of summer is outdated. Modern science and a depleted ozone layer have taught us that it is vital that we protect our vision throughout the year. The season, level of cloud cover and proximity to the equator are all major variables that can increase or decrease the amount of UV rays that reach our eyes.

There are very effective ways that can be taken to protect vision from harm. Diet plays a key role in protecting eye health, and many of the dietary steps that will improve eye health will also improve overall health as well. Fruits and vegetables, especially fresh ones, are rich in antioxidants and compounds that protect the eyes. Leafy green vegetables and berries, such as blueberries and bilberries, give the body what it needs to help protect the retinas and other structures in the eye.

When it comes to protecting vision from the effects of UV rays, it is difficult to overemphasize the great importance of wearing sunglasses and opting for the right sunglass lenses. Oversized lenses from designers, such as Arnette or Ray Ban and their Wayfarer model, can help to protect more area around the eyes. Opting for designer sunglasses is clearly the safest and best choice for consumers as they have UV protection built into their sunglass lenses.

UV protection essentially acts as shielding from rays and can help prevent damage. The sun’s UV rays can lead to a range of eye damage including macular degeneration and cataracts. Due to the depleted ozone layer, UV protection has never been more important.

A quality pair of sunglasses with top notch sunglass lenses is an investment not just in fashion, but in one’s health as well. The Sunglass Fix helps consumers around the world replace their damaged sunglass lenses. Consumers who want to keep their existing, but damaged, sunglasses now have the option of replacing just their damaged lenses and saving considerably in the process.

About The Sunglass Fix

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