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Bates method

The Bates method is an alternative therapy aimed at improving eyesight . borrowing from ancient yogic eye exercises, visualizations from

Yoga eye exercisesYoga eye exercises
Strengthen your eye sight and relax your eyes. Anybody sitting in front of a computer or a TV for long hours can benefit immensely from practicing these Yoga…

5-eyeexercises How to improve eyesight exercises–How-to-improve-eyesight-exercises
Is any differencefelt whatsoever in the eyes?Every time you blink the eyes, you experience a very brief darkness periodwhich helps in keeping the eyes fresh in addition to discharging theprevious visual information and making way for the new visualinformation.

eye-exercises-to-improve-vision-8861700Eye exercises to improve vision
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5 Simple Exercises to Improve vision. All these exercises take less than 5 minutes a day and cost nothing to do. This will increase and improve your vision back to what it once was.

Improve Eyesight =Eye Exercises:

The ate-hour diet: The foods that keep your body perfectly fuelled
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Imposters: Sausage, bacon, cured meats, ham, fatty cuts of steak such as T-bone and rib-eye, egg-white omelettes. 2. WALNUTS AND OTHER NUTS. 8-Hour Power: Build 8-Hour Power: Protect your heart, enhance eyesight, improve balance, co-ordination

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