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If you do not keep your eyes in good shape, you can potentially develop visual problems. Fortunately, if you have a smartphone, you can help keep your eyes healthy even while on the go. If you need to find a new game to play, here are 5 top Android apps for eye exercises:

 1. Hit It!

For people that want to improve their hand-eye coordination while doing eye exercises, the Hit It! Android app delivers. In order to play, users have to touch and move the bubbles on the screen to pass the level.

While many people enjoy the fast paced game, there have been reports that it could use more levels to remain interesting. It is likely best suited for young children to help keep their eyes healthy and sharpen their reflexes.

 2. Eye Trainer – 12 Eye Exercises

 Whether you wear eyeglasses, contact lenses, or nothing at all, your eyes can become tired at the end of the day. Fortunately, to help you relax or strengthen your eyes, the Eye Trainer app for Android can help maintain the overall health of your vision.

With this app, users can take advantage of 12 different eye exercises to help rejuvenate their eyes and potentially improve vision. With figures available for viewing, you will be able to ensure that you are doing the exercises correctly to avoid more strain. However, while the app can help keep your eyes healthy, it should never be a substitute for the specialized care offered by professional optometrists.

 3. Eye Training – Eye Exercises

Similar to the Eye Trainer app, the Eye Training app helps people to relax and strengthen their eyes for optimal health. The app also includes beautiful graphics to help reduce the strain on your eyes.

 The app’s features include the following (and more): 

  • 12 eye exercises
  • Timer
  • Reminders
  • Eye training alarm
  • Eyesight tests
  • Peripheral vision tests
  • Night vision checker
  • Vision trainer
  • Eyesight recovery

 4. Stretching & Eye Exercises

If you are not only interested in the health of your eye but your body overall, the Stretching & Eye Exercises app can help. With this mobile app, you will learn various exercises designed to help exercise your entire body, include your eyes. The app additionally notifies you when it is time to take a break to help prevent unnecessary strain.

 5. Find It 2® Find the Difference

The Find It 2 app is not only great for exercising your eyes but improving your memory as well. The game requires users to spot the difference between two similar pictures in a set amount of time. Since users have to quickly identify the differences, the task helps improve focus and spatial resolution.

If you do not exercise your eyes regularly, you can potentially develop visual impairment. However, with these 5 top Android apps for eye exercises, you will help limit the risk of developing vision problems.

Chelsea Miller is a app developer with a background in eye care. Her articles mainly appear on tech blogs and websites. Learn how to order Acuvue eye care products securely online, visit the link.