Improving Eyesight – Understanding Astigmatism « Eyesight Helper

Astigmatism occurs naturally as people age. As we grow older, the eyeball loses its roundness and our vision begins to blur. Unfortunately, Astigmatism is accelerated by hours and hours of stress and strain on our eyes. With years of prolonged stress, muscles that operate within our eyes begin to weaken, causing the eyes to change shape leading to worse problems.

AstigmatismOur eyes are constantly changing shape, even as we grow old. The shape simply depends on what situation you’re in, be it night time or day time, dark room or light room etc. In fact, everyone has a case of Astigmatism; even people with perfect vision can experience it simply by pulling on their eye lids or rubbing their eyes. But the eyes will naturally fix itself with a few hours without glasses. Wearing artificial lenses like contacts actually prevent the eyes from healing itself if left dry for too long.

Our eyes are like any other muscle. When our legs or arms get tired, we would rest them. Well the eyes are a muscle and should be treated like such. Unfortunately in our world we put so much strain on our eyes and rarely exercise them. When we feel like our eyes are getting tired, and our vision becomes more blurry, it’s our eyes way of telling us that it’s time to take a break or relax.

The best thing to do when you start feeling tension in your eyes is to just stop what you’re doing. Get up, stretch and do some eye exercises (notably the ones listed on this websites). Keeping your eyes refreshed and healthy is actually relaxing and easy to do. I don’t know why more people do it!

If you are at home reading this right, try our exercises to relax your eyes. Isn’t it funny that your eyes are reading eye exercises? No? Okay 

Also remember that a healthier diet also leads to improvements in the eye no matter what age you are. It also helps cure astigmatism if practices more several months. And remember to keep your eyes relaxed and take a break every 30 minutes or so.