About Lasik Eye Surgery in Colorado

For years, eyesight problems have nagged many people. Those who suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism feel rather inconvenient and even dangerous if they go out without wearing eyeglasses, but if putting eyeglasses on, they would feel restricted. As a result, this awkward condition does not be solved in 1973 until an eye surgery emerged — Lasik eye surgery. For it was firstly conceptualized in Colorado, therefore, it sometimes is called Colorado Lasik eye surgery. Out of the same reason, Lasik has associated its name with Denver sometimes as well.


It is a surgical procedure which is able to improve the patients’ vision back to 20/20 ( A 20/20 vision means that at 20 feet, a person normally sees the object the same way that a normal individual would see it as it is.) by reshaping the out-of-shape corneal with a special laser. As what has mentioned above, it mainly corrects myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and even presbyopia (Myopia is near sightedness. This happens if an object is clearer if it is nearer. Hyperopia which is also called far sightedness occurs if one object appears clearer the farther it is. Astigmatism is a condition in which objects are blurred whether near or far. Presbyopia is a condition that occurs mostly to aging people in which the eyes lose the ability to shift their focus from one object to another.).


Due to the application of high technology, little affect effect will be resulted in, what’s more, the patients are able to see clearly right after the surgery, and there is no need to get both eyes bound up. As a matter of fact, Lasik eye surgery performs similar to the PRK, photorefractive keratectomy, where a laser is used to correct the refractive errors of the eyes. The difference between Lasik and PRK lies in the time one needs to see clearly. PRK’s approach to eye correction is gradual, which means the improvement will observed in a few days or even after months, but not immediately.


At last, for the sake of eye health, one will be asked to get an eye examination before both the PRK and Lasik eye surgery. Only with this step can the surgeon or eye doctor determine whether the patient is a good candidate for an eye surgery. Anyhow, not everyone is suitable to undergo such a surgery. Moreover, an investigation concerning the cost should be done prior to the surgery.


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