Complications of LASIK eye surgery

Ever since the creation of LASIK eye surgery, it has developed fast and dramatically. Though the majority of people have benefited a lot from the surgery to get rid of their glasses or contact lenses in their later life without any side effects, there is rare possibility that people may suffer from some complications after the surgery. The possibility is very rare, but it may occur. Therefore, before deciding to take the surgery, we must have ourselves fully educated about the surgery and complications, or else, if there is little complication, we will be unsatisfied with the treating result.


The main cause of complications after LASIK eye surgery is surgeon error. As we may know, LASIK eye surgery is to use a laser to reshape people’s out-of-shape cornea and surgeon plays an important role in it. If the surgeon is not well educated or trained, or has less or no experience, he can not do a good job on our delicate eyes. The complications caused by surgeon error include damage to cornea, infections or other eye diseases. Therefore, before taking the surgery, we must make sure to find a qualified, experienced and well-reputed surgeon and consult with them any possible risks during and after the operation, which can give our surgery more guarantees.


Besides the surgeon error, if the surgery is not suitable for our health condition and eye problem but we take it, it may cause us serious health problems or complications. Please note not everyone can be good candidate for this surgery. Before the surgery, we should have our eyes completely tested by our eye doctor, and the eye doctor will evaluate if we can take this surgery considering our age and health history. If there is big hormonal change, or we have other diseases like diabetes, we can not be good candidates for LASIK eye surgery.


People are likely to suffer from complications if they do not follow their surgeon’s instruction on or after the surgery. It is important to follow up all the instructions given by our surgeon as they are more professional than us. If there are any points we are not clear, we can ask the surgeon to give us more explanation in order to make us fully understand all the points and follow them.


People’s unexpected treating result may make them unsatisfactory with the treating result. No doubt that the majority of people can achieve a perfect treating result and get rid of glasses or contact lenses in their later life. But there is not 100% guarantee. If our eye problem is serious, we may need to have eyewear after the surgery. So before taking the surgery, we must make ourselves aware of this.


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