Costs of Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery is a procedure that involves using laser beams to correct vision. When the cornea is too high (nearsightedness), the surgeon extracts tissue from the center of the cornea to make it flatter. In treating farsightedness, when the cornea is overly flat, the surgeon extracts tissue from the surrounding outside area and makes the central area of the cornea higher. In treating an astigmatism, the surgeon extracts tissue from the unequally-shaped area of the cornea.


All the work is done mainly by a computerized laser device. During the procedure, patients will be given a set of eyedrops in the eyes for anesthesia purposes, infection prevention, and to manipulate post operative inflammation. The patient is then taken to the surgical room where the laser bed is situated beneath the laser microscope. The next step involves the surgeon utilizing an eyelid speculum to keep the eyelids separated. The patient is finally asked to stare into the laser microscope at a green or red blinking light. A circle of light encompasses the light, and the individual will be asked if they can see it. The surgeon will then turn on the laser device and patients will hear a “clicking” noise. The computer, that is preset to the patient’s exact specifications, will correct what needs to be corrected. The surgeon will double-check all work, then finish up all the steps involved in the procedure. After the procedure is complete, the surgeon will apply a saline solution to the eyes to flush out any debris.

Costs of Laser Eye Surgery (Orange County)

The costs of laser eye surgery varies with geographical location. This piece will focus only on Orange County costs. The costs of laser eye surgery (Orange County) is between $ 2,000 to $ 2,500 per eye. Always be sure to choose high quality, board certified cosmetic surgeons. If an individual chooses to go with a cheaper surgeon to save money, they could suffer permanent, unsatisfactory results.

Financing Costs of Laser Eye Surgery (Orange County)

A majority of cosmetic surgeons are now offering financing options. Patients can either choose the surgeon’s in-house financing plan or select an outside financing program that has partnered with the surgeon. Individuals can also check with their personal health coverage plan to see if it covers corrective eye laser surgery costs. Credit card financing has always been a choice utilized by most patients in the past. A majority of eye institutes accept most major credit cards. For those patients willing to pay for the procedure in full in one cash payment, check to see if a discount is given. A reputable financing company is CareCredit. This company specializes in financing those who have cosmetic surgery procedures performed.

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