Eye Surgery Precautions For Lasik

LASIK eye surgery is a simple procedure that can ultimately help many people regain their vision. The basic concept of this procedure is for a laser to remodel the cornea to enable it to see clearly again. The actual outpatient operation takes only about a minute or more for each eye but the preparations and tests that come before that is longer. Doctors basically test the patient a few weeks or days before the procedure and then test him or her again right before the operation to be sure about the status of the patient and his or her sight. A device is placed on each eye to prevent them from blinking and drops are placed in each one to avoid drying. Lashes are taped to the lids and a special cutting device cuts the outer layer of the eye in order to allow the laser to pass through it and reach the cornea. The patient is told to look straight ahead and to avoid moving the eye when the lights start to move. The patient will see a light in the distance dancing around and this is actually the laser remodeling the cornea according to the specifications entered by the doctor. After one eye, the machine moves the bed to position the other eye and the entire process starts again. The doctor removes the tapes from the lashes as well as the device that keeps the lids from blinking. The patient is told to blink slowly. Vision may be cloudy or watery directly after the eye surgery. There should be another check up right after the procedure and the doctor will be able to see the results of immediately after. Protective glasses are given to the patient to be worn twenty four hours for two days.

Before the Operation

Before LASIK eye surgery, doctors encourage their patients to stop smoking and to rest their eyes a few weeks before the actual operation date. For those with high grades, they are advised to wear glasses instead of contact lenses about a couple of weeks before the surgical event. Patients are also recommended to rest up and sleep early instead of tiring out their eyes by staying up late. Computer and game console usage should be limited for the week before the undertaking.

After The Operation

After the eye surgery, the doctors recommend the use of protective glasses for around two days. These are to be worn even while sleeping to prevent the arms or hands from hitting the newly operated on area. The patient can bathe afterwards but caution should be exercised around the face. Wiping the face with a wet towel is recommended for the first twenty four hours, avoiding the eye area entirely. Doctors stress the importance of keeping water away from the eyes for several weeks. Immersion in pools, seas and other bodies of water is not recommended for about four to six weeks. Rough handling of the area is to be avoided as well as the use of facial make up. The powders may lodge in the eye and cause complications. The use of dark sunglasses is also advised by doctors to help the eyes, in fact his should be done by everybody when out in the sun whether they have had an operation or not.

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