Is Lasik Eye Surgery Safe?


Many patients who would like to undergo Lasik eye surgery are considering its effectiveness, cost and how safe the procedure really is. If you have gone through several online resources, articles and writings about Lasik eye surgery then you probably have encountered several mixed opinions about this particular type of procedure. Many eye specialists and successful patients who have undergone this surgery would definitely say that this is a relatively painless and safe procedure that is very effective in correcting vision problems. For those who want to try this procedure, there are certain things that you need to be aware of about Lasik eye surgery. Here are the most important facts to know about this eye surgery:

1. Lasik eye surgery is one of the safest procedures or eye surgery there is. The entire process would only normally last for about 20-40minutes. The procedure is done by an eye specialist or surgeon and the process starts with the application of a local anesthetic then an incision will be made to create a corneal flap and expose the eye’s cornea which will then be reshaped using a computer guided laser. The cornea of the eyes will be reshaped to refract light at a different angle which will allow your eyes to see properly. After the reshaping is done the corneal flaps will then be sealed back again.

2. Recovery period for this procedure is very short. Most patients would only be advised to rest for a day after the surgery is done. Now after each eye surgery patients would be given a post operative care plan to minimize risks of infection and to speed up healing. Eye doctors would generally prescribe eye drops and make regular schedules for follow up checkups. For most patients who have tried this surgery they are able to get back to their normal routine after a day.

3. The success of Lasik would generally depend on several factors that most doctors would not tell their patients. Lasik would be very effective for patients who are 18 years old up to 40 years old with minor to moderate vision problems like myopia, astigmatism and Presbyopia. Severe cases of vision problems have a little rate of success and patients would only see a minor improvement on their vision.

4. A successful surgery would also depend on the patient’s ability to follow all the post operative instructions. Most patients who experienced problems or complications often neglect their post operative care plan.

Lasik is definitely one of the safest eye surgeries around and with recent improvements in technology the rate of success has tremendously increased and so is the cost of the procedure. If you are planning on getting this surgery you need to trust only duly licensed surgeons or eye centers to do this surgery on you. Do enough research first so that you can find out all there is to know about Lasik eye surgery. The internet has several great online resources about this procedure and there are also several great websites for the best eye centers who perform this surgery.

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