Lasik Eye Surgery

If you are suffering from nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism and are tired of the hassle of wearing glasses and troublesome cleaning of contact lenses, maybe LASIK eye surgery can give you the opportunity to get rid of glasses or contact lenses and enjoy a 20/20 vision. If you have interest in this kind of eye surgery, read ahead and the following will give some introduction on it.

When we mention laser, we will think about the laser used in the library, which can scan the codes of books with lightening speed, or the laser in the supermarket, which can read the bar code on the product immediately, or the special hand held laser device used by police officers to determine whether motorists are driving exceed the speed limit. Maybe you can not imagine the laser can also be used in refractive eye surgery. But it comes into truth. LASIK eye surgery has brought a revolution in eye care industry, and enjoyed a wide popularity worldwide.

LASIK (Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis) is to use a laser to reshape patients out-of-shape corneas in order to remove the tissue which causes the problem and enable people to have a 20/20 vision. It can treat nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. So if you are bothered by these eye problems, you may have a try of this surgery. LASIK eye surgery has the following advantages over other eye surgeries: no pain, less recovery time, higher successful rate and less complications.

If you have interest in LASIK eye surgery, the next thing you should do is to visit your eye doctor to check if the surgery can be applicable on you. Please keep in mind not everyone can be good candidate for LASIK eye surgery. At the eye doctors, we can take some eye tests, and then the eye doctor will ask about our health history to check if we can take the surgery. If we have other eye problems, we should treat them before taking the surgery. Or if we have some health problems like diabetes, we are not allowed to take the surgery as the hormones in our body are not stable. And we can ask our eye doctor any questions we have concerning the LASIK eye surgery, and talk with him about our expectation on the surgery to see if it can be realized.

Though LASIK eye surgery has a higher successful rate, there is no central database to show the exact vision result. However, the result is based on different clinical studies, which are done from the surgery to six month intervals. The study shows the quantity for 20/20 vision, and 20/40 vision, which is the minimum vision required for drivers license.

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