LASIK Eye Surgery Risks and Complications

LASIK eye surgery, as with any other surgery, comes with some risks and possible complications. Since LASIK is performed on a very delicate part of your eye and it cannot be reversed you need to be aware of the following before you make your decision to go ahead.

Over-correction or under-correction can happen in some cases which will mean you may need glasses or contacts to improve your vision. This of course defeats the purpose of the surgery but can be sometimes fixed by a re-treatment or another surgery.
You may develop a corneal infection.
You may experience a decrease in contrast vision or sharpness. Although a regular eye exam may state you have 20/20 vision things could appear gray or fuzzy.
You may develop problems with the eye flaps. The flaps are the part that are cut out to allow the surgeon to go in and reshape the cornea. Problems can include irregular or incomplete flaps, growth of cells under the flap and irregular healing that results in a distorted cornea. Some these conditions can only be corrected with a corneal transplant.
Another risk is what they refer to as “loss of best corrected visual acuity”. This means you may not be able to see as well after surgery as before, even with corrective eye glasses or contacts.

There are also some side effects that may follow immediately after surgery and are usually temporary. You may experience some discomfort or pain in and around the eye. Hazy or blurred vision with some glare is also possible. Sensitivity to all light and especially sunlight may occur. Night driving can be difficult at first due to halo or star-burst formation around bright lights. You may develop dry eye and even small reddish patches on the whites of the eye.

Although hundreds of thousands of people have successfully had LASIK eye surgery, the above risks are real and have been experienced by some. In addition, in very rare cases, some of the side effects can be permanent. Also be wary of having both eyes done on the same day in light of the above information.

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