Lasik Eye Surgery – The Operation

The day was bright and warm, like any other day in Dubai. Oh, I forgot to mention that the doctor requested for me to buy sun glasses that covered most of my eyes, meaning that I had to have the sides covered too due to the extreme brightness outside. So we went in to the hospital and met the assistant nurse first and she asked me to follow her to the same prep room I went to before. This time she asked me to take off my clothes (not what you are thinking) and put on the scrub. Hygiene of an essence and they did not want to get any infection into the Lasik Surgery room and specially my eyes! It took around forty minutes to prepare me. They also dropped anesthetics drops into my eyes few time while I waited. I was not allowed to open my eyes while I lied there waiting.

The nurse then came in and told me that the doctor is ready. She helped me out of the room and into the room where the Lasik machine was. I was then allowed to open my eyes as we were in a clean room. Another pointer for you, they never tell you that you will have to lie under a massive white machine hanging off the side that looks like it weighs more than a ton! Yes they did lay me under it and to make things worse the entire thing started moving down closer towards me and my face! I was trapped in between the surgical bed and the Lasik machine inches above my head. Claustrophobia kicked in and it came hard. I almost aborted to whole thing! Luckily I didn’t and went on with it. Once everything was in place, the doctor dropped few of the anesthetics again, and he kept doing it every few minutes.

At the corner of my eye I noticed that a scissors looking device in his hand and wanted to look to the side but couldn’t. What it turned out to be was a clip that keeps my eyes wide open all throughout the procedure. Imagine not being able to close your eyes for more than fifteen minutes. I must admit it was scary at first but that soon goes away when you find out that he now wanted to place s suction unit literally on my eye to keep it in place for the laser to do its job. Yep he not only had to touch and slice my eye, it had to be sucked into a machine. I know I’m dramatizing it a bit, but the truth is this is how it feels like while you are in the middle of. Don’t get me wrong, the Lasik Eye Surgery was the best thing I have ever done, it is a life changer. The was able to place the unit on my eye, slicing the cornea open. Then suddenly a loud noise came out of the machine and the laser beamed into my eye within a minute he was done. by the way, be aware of the flesh burning smell, lovely! The doctor then said “Great we are done, now the other eye”. You can imagine my excitement.

Once all was done I was then lead out of the operation room with cotton patches on my eyes. The actual Lasik Eye Surgery lasted around twenty minutes.

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