Possible Hazard of LASIK Eye Surgery

FAD reports that Lasik eye surgery is almost 100% successful, however, nothing is perfect. Possible hazard of Lasik eye surgery exist. In order to get the best result, every patient should know relative information about LASIK, including conditions for a good candidates for a Lasik, preparation works, matter needing attention during the procedure and after effects, etc.. This article is about potential risks after the Lasik surgery.


Eye infections, including the inflammation of the eye, redness, blurriness and eye irritation, are very likely to emerge if you did not take care of your eyes during the healing period. When a foreign body entering into eyes, diffuse lamellar keratitis would probably happen, contributing to pain eyes, light sensitivity, blurred vision and some other symptoms. Therefore, avoid hair or speck of dirt getting trapped behind the corneal flap. After a surgery, dry eye is a common complication. Many patients can’t help rubbing their eyes, when they feel dry in eyes. Professionally speaking, this is the most unrecommendable method. Instead of easing the symptom, rubbing could only intensify the problem, and further complications, such as infection, tearing or dislodging of the corneal flap are possible. Another complication should be a slipped flap, which indicates that the flap created during the procedure may be detached from the rest of the cornea. Therefore, upon the completion of the surgery, you may be arranged to lay on a bed for several hours, allowing the flap processes its healing. It usually constitutes a rather useful way to keep flap from slipping.


The above information is the possible hazard of LASIK eye surgery. We do not mean to advise you not to take a lasik in case of those risks, but remind you of them, so that you are able to get prepared to deal with them and get the best results from it. Therefore, although Lasik may bring immediately clear vision, it may also bring immediate complications. Good results come from the cooperation of both surgeons and the patients themselves.


In addition, another matter need to be mentioned is that Lasik is not a permanent solution for vision correction, for even without Lasik eye surgery, it is expected that everyone’s eyes will change slightly with the passage of time, so will they change even after the surgery. That is to say, it is possible for one to find that their vision get blurred the other day.


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