Post Effect of LASIK Eye Surgery

It is just a temporal end after you finish the LASIK eye surgery. If you do not take your eyes carefully and follow what doctor advices, serious problems will be resulted in, for example, eye infection. Loss of sight is the most serious consequence. Therefore, to have a clear view of the post effect you may experience after the Lasik is of great importance.


One of the most obvious symptom is dry eye. Don’t take it a small problem. As when feeling dry in eyes, most people would rub their eyes. As a result, for the possible bacilli attached on hands, eyes would be easily infected, especially when they are in an unstable condition after the surgery. One of the most efficient and simplest way to ease this eye condition is to use some artificial tear drops. Actually, you are suggested to carry about those drops and use them whenever you feel uncomfortable or every 15 minutes, so as to keep eyes moist. The dry eye symptom may last for 3 to 6 months, therefore, you’d better prepare to have a protracted war.


What is it that cause eyes dry? After the Lasik eye surgery is done, the nerve impulses that trigger lacrimal gland to produce tears may be interrupted. Little tears produced, eyes would be easily get dry.


An experience of halo or glare at night may be another after effect of Lasik surgery. When viewing bright light at night, one would experience halo or glare, which is believed to disappear after a short time without any treatment. However, upon the completion of Lasik in modern times, this post effect come to be rare, for relative improvement has been achieved.


Then, eye irritation should be also included in the list of possible affect effects. One claims that after Lasik eye surgery, he/she would always feel that there are foreign bodies in their eyes, making eyes watering. In this circumstance, he/she could rub their eyes gently enough to make sure the corneal flap will not be affected. Using some artificial tears is also advisable.


A sudden improvement in vision is what every Lasik patient expects, however, if proper care is neglected, it is hard to get achieved. Therefore, follow those tips above or instructions given by your eye doctor and undesirable after effects will be minimized.  Usually complete recover from the surgery is about 6 months.


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