The Risks of Getting Lasik Eye Surgery

When most people think of getting Lasik Eye Surgery, they usually picture undergoing a quick routine operation, which results in their eye sight quickly improving. Fortunately, this scenario occurs most of the time. With that said, sometimes it doesn’t occur perfectly. Therefore, we are going to highlight the risks of Lasik.

One of the most common complications resulting from Lasik is dry eyes (according to the American Journal of Ophthalmology, more than half of patients will experience this phenomenon during the six months following the surgery). This can either be temporary or permanent. Either way, if this condition affects you, you should bring it up to your surgeon’s attention immediately. If this situation isn’t remedied quickly (you could simply need eye drops for a while), it could cause eye damage.

Another complication of this surgery is that you may end up with double vision. This can occur because of an irregularity in your cornea. In addition to double vision, it is possible to end up seeing halos.

Yet another complication that is rarely discussed is either over or under correction. This can be caused by either an incorrect setting in the Lasik surgery software or an initial incorrect diagnosis. Fortunately, these errors can be corrected with further Lasik Eye Surgery.

The last complication that we will discuss today is the possibility of infection. As with most medical procedures, infection can always occur. If for some reason your eyes were to become infected, your surgeon could treat them with either antibiotics or steroids, depending on the situation.

Now that you are aware of the risks of having Lasik Eye Surgery, we don’t want you to become afraid of proceeding with the surgery. Just as with any medical procedure, there is always the risk of complications. As long as you discuss the probability of these complications occurring and you properly choose a Lasik surgeon, the odds are that you will have a complication free surgery.

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