Types Of Eye Surgery- Lasik Eye Surgery And Prk Eye Surgery

There are many reasons why the eyes are got operated. The reasons may be to improve the near sightedness, far sightedness, get rid of the cataract and for many other eye problems. Today there are many types of eye surgery available. The most prominent eye surgery in todays world is the laser eye surgery. The laser eye surgery is very simple and painless. The types of laser eye surgery include LASIK Eye Surgery and PRK Eye surgery. Millions of people have gone through the laser eye surgery and they are very happy with the outcome of the surgery as well. There was a time when eye surgery was done with hand using different surgical equipments which was quite dangerous in many cases.

As far as LASIK Eye Surgery is concerned, it stands for Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis. In this eye surgery procedure laser is used to correct the eyesight problems. Using the laser tissues surrounded to eyes cornea is removed. It is quite possible in the LASIK eye surgery that the shape of the cornea gets changed as well as of the front covering of the eye. It is the most common surgery to improve the near or far sightedness and astigmatism. The surgery is successful almost every time and got the success rate of 95%. When the surgery is done by any experienced surgeon then the chances become 100% of success.

In the case of PRK eye surgery, mostly nearsightedness, moderate farsightedness and astigmatism are treated. This surgery is done with the help of computer which generates accommodated laser to remove corneal tissue. However, this surgery is very rarely done by the patients. Most of them go for the Lasik laser eye surgery. The laser which is used for most the eye surgery is the Excimer Laser. It is high quality laser and most successful as far as laser eye surgery is concerned.

You may find many clinics providing laser eye surgery. But it is more important to choose the correct and experienced surgeon for the eye surgery. Being the very sensitive part of the body you need to be very careful before the surgery. This is because if something wrong happens to your eyes then it will make your life very worst. The other thing you need to consider before the eye surgery is the cost of the surgery. The high cost of the surgery prevents many people to have such surgery. You may find some clinics that providing eye surgery in your budget. For more information you are free to search our website.

You may find many clinics providing Laser eye surgery . But it is more important to choose the correct and experienced surgeon for the eye surgery .

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