Wavefront Lasik Eye Surgery Available in Houston

Today, some leading Laser centers are specializing in LASIK eye surgery and using the latest laser technology for perfect outcomes with their patients. If you need LASIK surgery with unsurpassed laser technology then you should get ready as the latest advancements in LASIK surgery are now available in Houston.   

Wavefront Lasik Surgery Houston

Customizing LASIK eye surgery in Houston is to provide each patient with the safest and excellent solution which is the real goal of all LASIK Houston surgeons. But there are so many methods of approaching this goal. Lets us discuss the differences in the technology available so that it can help you to take an informed decision.

An individual eye is a less than ideal optical system. Its optical defects generate “aberrations” or distortions in vision. For measuring these aberrations, parallel light rays are directed into the eye passing through the lens, cornea and vitreous cavity to the retina. Remember, the more specific the laser is in addressing these aberrations, the more customized the LASIK treatment will be.

By using the latest software upgrades, traditional LASIK eye surgery in Houston is now performed with Wavefront-Adjusted lasers. The latest software directing the lasers provides better and safer results than in the past. By using Wavefront technology, a new level of customization is introduced by Houston surgeons. When your surgeon combine it with a battery of test just before LASIK eye surgery in Houston, best outcomes can be achieved.  

Following are the examples of Wavefront-Adjusted lasers

The Alcon LadarVision
Visx Star S-4
The Bausch & Lomb Technolas 217a
Next, there is customized LASIK using Wavefront-Guided lasers. These lasers make treatment profile for each patient eye. These laser process need much more testing and are more time consuming than either the Wavefront-Adjusted or the Wavefront-Optimized laser treatments.    
Following are the examples of Wavefront- Guided lasers:
Visx WaveScan Wavefront System with WavePrint mapping
The Visx Star S-4 Custom Vue Excimer Laser System
The Bausch & Lomb Technolas 217z Zyoptix Zywave System
The Alcon LadarVision Custom Cornea
You should always remember that the more customized the surgery, the more LASIK eye surgery costs will be.
What Customization requires actually?
more expertise on the part of the surgeon
more expensive technology
more time to perform the additional testing

Using wavefront mapping, Houston surgeons are able to find the best suitable treatment for your eye requirements. LASIK surgery Houston has reached a new acme with extra quality and safety of vision provided by wavefront technology.

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