Ways to Prepare For LASIK Eye Surgery

It is an important and perhaps frightening decision to make if you are thinking of having your vision permanently corrected with LASIK eye surgery. You need to take certain measure to emotionally and physically prepare for this high-tech eye surgery. Here are ways to get prepared for it.

Ask for time off from work. You are going to need a few days away from the office to properly recover from LASIK. Right after the surgery, you have to give your eyes a few days of rest. You cannot be straining them at the computer or bending over papers. Offices can be dusty too, and you need to protect your eyes from tiny particles floating around the office. Enjoy the time off, relax around the house and let your eyes recover properly.

Be natural. When going in to have the LASIK surgery, don’t have any perfumed products or lotions or make-up on as these may enter the eyes during surgery. This could lead to a major infection, so get free of all those products a couple of days before your surgery. Any product, even if not on your actual face, could still have the possibility of getting on your hands which do come into contact with your face. So stay natural for safety’s sake.

Have someone drive you. After your surgery, you will not be allowed to drive yourself home. Have a friend or loved one accompany you and get them to drive you home after the surgery. LASIK surgery is classed as day surgery which means you only stay at the health facility for a few hours before being discharged. Don’t forget to arrange for a driver for any other commitments you may have in the days following the eye surgery – your eyes need to continue to heal from surgery for quite a few days after.

Eat a light, nutritious meal. The good new is that you don’t have to fast before it but just ensure you don’t overdo the food – eat only eat a light meal on the morning of your surgery. This last meal ought to be a healthy one – you wouldn’t want to have a queasy tummy just before surgery! Any medications that you are taking should still be alright to take on the day of your LASIK surgery, but check with your eye surgeon just to be certain.

Comfortable, loose clothing. Comfy clothes are a must – it may not seem obvious before the surgery, but afterwards you’ll be glad that you’re wearing something comfortable. Think carefully about the top that you wear – it must not interfere with how your head is positioned when you’re under the laser. Don’t wear anything too bulky. Casual, stretch clothes are best when you’re going in for eye surgery.

Take a deep breath and stay calm. You may be feeling a little nervous, but rest assured that LASIK surgery has few complications. As you are getting ready to go, simply relax, trust in your doctors and think about how wonderful it will be when you don’t have to wear your contacts or glasses. Your LASIK eye surgery will be worthwhile.

Tiffany Provost writes about lasik eye surgery and other health and fitness tips for HowToDoThings.com.

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