Can Eye Defects Caused at Birth be Fixed with Eye Exercises …

Can Eye Defects Caused at Birth be Fixed with Eye Exercises? Each year there are millions of children born with eye birth defects all over the world. Many of these birth defects cause a cloudy cornea, which is usually corrected with surgical procedures at a very young age.

However, there are many who have wondered if there is a natural, non-invasive way to correct the problem without surgical intervention. The following information will provide you with information about the most common birth defects that happen to the eyes, and whether or not eye exercises are effective treatment methods.

Development of the Cornea

The first thing to understand is the development of the cornea and how it can be interrupted by certain genetic factors that can cause birth defects. Light will travel through the cornea into the retina, which will then send an impulse to the brain, which allows the development of vision.

The development of your vision will continue until the age of eight, at which time it stops. If your cornea is cloudy, due to a birth defect, then light is unable to reach the retina and the impulses are not able to reach your brain, which will result in underdeveloped vision.

Some of the most common diseases that will cause eye birth defects include:

  • Peter’s Anomaly: This is a developmental defect in the actual structure of your eye, which is characterized by a corneal clouding and sometimes accompanied by adhesions on the cornea, lens and iris. This condition is also often a symptom of a more serious medical condition, such as a mental disability or dwarfism.

  • Stromal Dystrophy and Hereditary Endothelial: This is a condition that is identified by the base layer of the cornea, which is responsible for pumping water out of your cornea to keep the area dehydrated. As a result, the cornea will swell and then may become cloudy.

  • Fraser’s Syndrome: This is a very rare birth defect of the eye, where the skin covers the actual eyeball, and there is no clear indication of any eyelid formation.

  • Congenital Glaucoma: This can be present from birth to three years of age. Glaucoma is a type of eye disease that is identified by pressure increases in the eye that will cause problems and defects in the vision field.

  • Mucopolysaccharidoses: This is a metabolic disorder that is very rare and is the result of an enzyme deficiency, which will cause clouding of the cornea.

The Many Benefits of Eye Exercises

Everyone knows that physical exercise is extremely beneficial to your overall health and will lead to a healthier heart, shrink your waist line and increase your energy level. Did you know that your eyes are a muscle too? This means that they also need to be exercised in order to stay strong and healthy, and perform at optimum levels, which equates to superior vision.

Regular eye exercises, such as the ones offered by the Rebuild Your Vision Program, have been proven to improve many people’s vision. In a typical day, the majority of your eye movement will be from right to left and extremely minimal. When you take time to move your eyes in all directions, as far as possible, without turning your head, it can actually strengthen your eye muscles.

All of the exercises that are available for your eyes can help reduce tension and eyestrain and help improve vision of those who are nearsightedness, farsightedness, have astigmatism or presbyopia (poor vision due to the aging process). So, will these exercises also be effective for those born with eye birth defects?

Currently there is no proof linked to eye exercises aiding birth defects. This is primarily due to the fact that most parents opt for surgery for children who have these problems, and exercises are not an option. However, even after surgery there are many people who will still suffer from poor vision for the rest of their lives. If a person suffers from nearsightedness, farsightedness, have astigmatism or presbyopia, eye exercises can be extremely beneficial.

Since the purpose of eye exercises is to strengthen the muscle, there are some suggestions that parents should try holistic and natural remedies for birth defects of the eyes when their children are young and their vision is still developing. This will provide the best chance to reverse the vision conditions of the defect.