Leading UK packaging specialist Belmont Packaging can help manufacturers and packaging companies to reduce their logistics costs and increase sustainability, after a deal with board producer Prowell to add the durable, eco-saving Next Box to its impressive portfolio of high performance packaging solutions.

Seeking to significantly improve their sustainability performance, far-sighted packaging leaders are now focusing their efforts on “light-weighting” via paper engineering – reducing the weight of packaging materials with no loss of quality or durability.

Based on the pioneering Next Board 2.0, Next Box boasts a higher compressive rigidity than its competitors and an optimised corrugated design supports a premium quality print result. Next Box uses five per cent less material and is both lighter and thinner than its counterparts, reducing transport volume and saving up to 15% of transport costs.

Next Box aligns perfectly with Belmont’s mission to offer customers high performance packaging with both cost and environmental advantages. Lightweight yet durable, Next Box is the ideal fit with the company’s expertise in manufacturing regular slotted cases (RSCs), many produced with a die-cut perforation to create shelf ready packaging (SRP) solutions.

Wigan based Belmont Packaging has spearheaded the development of class-leading machinery and software to become the first high volume producer of corrugated packaging using digital technology. Sophisticated artwork is printed directly onto corrugated board in production runs from a single unit up to 10,000 – without any origination or plate cost. Next Board allows Belmont not only to drive environmental efficiencies via the material, but also reduce waste in the supply chain via ‘on demand’ printed SRPs with minimal MOQs (minimum order quantities) and subsequent reduced inventories.

Space efficiency and a reduction in the overall weight of the packaging means less effort is required for handling, cargo space is maximised and less energy is exerted on logistics. The ECT (Edge Crush Test) value of Next Box has been increased by approximately 10% compared with previous corrugated boards using the same amount of raw material. This means that the stack-ability of most types of packaging has been considerably improved.

Belmont managing director, Sean Moloney, explained: “Hot on the heels of our FSC accreditation and complementing our latest investments, Next Box emphasises still further Belmont’s commitment to providing eco-friendly, cost effective packaging solutions with superior performance and added value, for customers in a wide range of industry sectors.

“Manufacturers are making ever greater demands for top quality packaging that ticks all the boxes for reduced environmental impact, logistics cost savings and, of course, premium protection and presentation for brands and own labels alike. Allied with our extensive expertise in shelf-ready packaging, Next Box is a stunning solution that we expect will bring significant savings to customers across the UK and beyond.”

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