BritMums Live 2013 | Mums do travel: a family travel site

In the Austrian Tirol. Copyright Gretta Schifano

I’m going to the BritMums Live conference in London on Friday, and I can’t wait! If you know what I’m talking about, skip the rest of this paragraph. If you don’t know, let me try to explain. BritMums (aka ‘Britain’s biggest collective of lifestyle bloggers and social influencers’) has an annual 2-day conference in London. I’ve not been before, as I only started blogging last year, but the event gives bloggers the chance to get to know each other in the real world and also offers training and advice sessions and the chance to meet blogger-friendly brands. On Friday night there’s a party where the winners of the BiB blogging awards are announced, which is especially exciting because I’m a finalist in the travel category (I know, unbelievable!).

Anyway, here’s some stuff about me for the I’m going to BritMums Live! linky:

Name: Gretta

Blog: Mums do travel

Twitter ID: @grettaschifano

Height: Room for improvement. 5’2″

Hair: Very boring. Straight, shoulder length blondish-brownish.

Eyes: Greeny-grey and annoyingly both short and long-sighted.

Is this your first blogging conference?

Yes, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Are you attending both days?

Yes, and I’m staying over on Friday night because I don’t want to miss a thing.

What are you most looking forward to at BritMums Live 2013?

Catching up with friends and making new ones, learning how to improve my blog, sleeping the whole night through without anyone waking me up!

What are you wearing?

I won’t know what I’m wearing until I look in my wardrobe on Friday morning, but not jeans because that’s what I wear every day. I guess we have to glam up for the evening, so I’ll have to come up with a plan for that.

What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2013?

I’d like to meet more bloggers.

Tell us one thing about you that not everyone knows

I’m terrified of public speaking but my last ‘proper’ job involved talking live on local BBC Radio several times a day.