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Some drugs have a biochemical influence that will slow down the development of myopia, but they normally have unwanted aspect outcomes. The most recent research demonstrates that specifically developed bifocal get in touch with lenses can sluggish down or even quit the progression of myopia. The most exciting studies demonstrate that orthokeratology can quit and even reverse (during the therapy time period) the myopia that has currently occurred, but only up to a specified quantity, generally -six.00 diopters.

What Can We Do about Myopia?

Orthokeratology is eyesight correction with out surgical treatment. Orthokeratology, is also identified as corneal refractive treatment (CRT), eyesight shaping treatment method (VST), corneal molding or Ortho-K. It is the mild reshaping of the cornea to right myopia (nearsightedness). The cornea is the eye’s equivalent of a look at crystal. It is a distinct, dome formed structure that overlies the colored iris. Its tissue is very skinny (about 1/50th of an inch) and really pliable. Since the cornea separates the eye from air and simply because it has a curvature that bends mild in direction of the back again of the eye, it is responsible for 2/third of the eye’s corrective power and contributes to a variety of conditions this kind of as nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. We can compensate for the eye’s target problems by reshaping the cornea.

It has been practiced for over 40 many years. In the early many years a collection of lenses were suit on the eye, every single with a progressively flatter match, with the goal of reshaping the curvature of the eye. The tactics and good results have tremendously enhanced above the very last ten many years. Now orthokeratology is completed by using specially developed make contact with lenses referred to as reverse geometry lenses that carefully flatten the cornea by pushing the central epithelial levels directly more than the pupil towards the peri