Improve Your Vision – How Eyesight Can Be Naturally Improved

Are you wondering about how to improve your vision naturally? Yes, it is possible. There are a lot of exercises you can incorporate in your daily life to relax your eye muscles and help them respond better to your daily routine.

When your eye muscles are tense, your eye tends to distort from its normally spherical shape. An elongated eye caused by tense eye muscles can lead to nearsightedness and astigmatism, while a flattened eye can result in far-sightedness.

One way to prevent these eye problems from occurring is to regularly exercise the external muscles of the eye to help them relax and return to a spherical shape. As you eyes continue to relax, you can gradually begin to improve your vision over time.

To remedy tense eye muscles caused by staring at an object for long period of time, perform the long swing exercise. Stand with your feet a foot width’s apart with your jaw, facial muscles, shoulders and arms relaxed. Look forward, then twist your torso smoothly to the left while allowing your head and eyes to follow. Do the opposite to your right, while allowing your eyes to sweep through the object in the room from left to right. Perform this exercise 50 times.

Another exercise involves palming. By placing your palms over your eyes and taking deep breaths, you block out all the light and allow your eyes to relax and get rid of tension in the darkness.

Another useful exercise is known as sunning. Under natural light, close your eyes and allow the brightness and warmth of the sunlight to fall on your lids and relax your external eye muscles. With more relaxed muscles, you can steadily improve your vision naturally.

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