How Can I Improve My Eyesight? Throw Your Glasses Away

Looking to find out how to improve eyesight naturally? Having to wear glasses or contact lenses to get through every single day is frustrating to say the least. Having worn glasses from a young age and later on contact lenses, I can safely say that depending on them to get through life is annoying to say the least!

Our eyes are like any muscle in the body but its very easy to forget that when reaching for your glasses or contact lenses. If you are anything like me the first things I used to do is reach for my glasses before I was out of bed. Having them permanently glued to me lead me to contact lenses which only created more problems and health issues such as severe irritation, redness and lack of oxygen to my eyes.

So when we are faced with the challenge of how to improve eyesight, we tend to think that any alternative methods must surely be more complex, more costly, and less effective than the traditional methods. You would be surprised at some of the simple steps which you can take which are easy yet effective methods to begin to counteract stress or tension on the eye muscle. For example, as counterintuitive as it might seem, keeping your eyes fixed on one object for an extended period of time does much more to stress the eye muscle than to relax it. Those individuals with the best vision habits are those who practice shifting, constantly changing their focus from one object to another, never remaining staring at any one object for any significant period of time.

Back in 1880, Dr. William H. Bates was a well known physician. He conceived the idea that if it was possible to repair broken bones then it must be possible to improve poor eyesight.

He was one of the first to investigate the idea that only eyeglasses could help a person see clearly. By the end of his research, he successfully proved this notion to be a myth.

Dr. Bates experimented on his own patients and discovered that a persons eyesight is affected by many factors. Most of those include their stress level, eye strain, as well as their diet.

He also discovered that in the majority of his cases, the vision was improved by doing well-structured eye relaxation exercises.

The eyes, like any other organ in the body, need our constant attention and affection. They need to be supplied with the necessary vitamins and minerals to improve them and maintain their normal functioning. Since the eye is made up of several muscles, it also requires good rest in order to restore its lost energy. The eye muscles can be massaged just as you can massage other muscles of the body to remove stress.

A high percentage of bad eyesight cases are caused by mental strain, eye strain and weak eye muscles. In most cases, someone who is suffering from a weakness in vision can improve his / her vision in as little as a few weeks. Even someone who has been wearing glasses for an extended period of time and older people have the power to naturally improve their vision. It is simply a case of working through a series of exercises that strengthen the eye muscles, relax the eyes and take stress away from the section of the brain that controls eyesight. The exercises take 2 4 minutes a day and should be done each and every day for a couple of weeks, after which youll experience positive results.