How to Improve Eyesight Using Simple and Effective Eye Relaxation Techniques

Eye strain is the main cause of vision defects. Improving one’s eyes can be done effectively using simple techniques that will make the eyes relax. Eyeglasses help improve our vision and could make the view of the world clear in an instant but that comes with a disadvantage that you don’t want to take for granted. Eyeglasses can actually weaken your eyes.

Just like any other sport activity or skill, one needs training to be good at it. Good news! You can train your eyes too. Knowing the causes of eye problems can easily help us identify what our weaknesses are and determine what we can do to improve that. Yes, you can train your eyes, targeting the ocular muscles. Eye muscles get tired too. Imagine the work they do everyday. We do a lot of reading, exposure to light from both natural and artificial sources like watching tv. Just by opening our eyes, we are making our eyes tired and without proper training, our eye condition will continue to get worse. It’s like a boxer facing an opponent with no training at all. So the best way to train our eye muscles is to relax them. It may sound so easy but my question is, do you know how to do it? When eyes get relaxed, they can come back to the natural state just like when we were much younger. Then, eyesight will eventually improve.

When your eyes are tired or you have done much work in front of your computer screen, try to relax by focusing your energy on your palm. Other people call it “palming” but this is actually called something else among the non-traditional healers who project energy through the hands or palms. The basic concept is something like “pranic healing” or “energy healing”. The term “palming” just make it sound so simple. The term pranic healing sounds like the not-for-me-kind-of-thing because of the term that is not commonly used. Anyway, to make it simple, find a quiet place for you to relax without any disturbance from children or co-workers. Turn off your cell phone for awhile and just feel the moment. Close your eyes and try to free your mind from worries and other concerns. Then, rub your palms until you generate a certain mild comforting warmth. Cover your eyes using your palms. Feel the energy which is represented by heat coming from your hands. This is supposed to bring some form of relaxation during a stressful day. If you do this correctly, you will get great benefits from it.

This is just one of the methods that you can use to relax your strained eye muscles. Eye relaxation is the first step towards improved eyesight.

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