How To Improve Weak Eyesight

Today more and more people are using glasses and contact lenses to read, write and do other work due to their weak eye sight. Most of us rely on glasses as a crutch and never try to get better our eyesight. The most important things in preventing eye strain are that you should take care of your eyes in your daily life.

That’s right, your eyes have muscles too, and just like every other muscle in your body, they require exercise. This may come as a surprise to you, because it’s easy to think to yourself, “I use my eyes all the time. Aren’t they getting all the exercise they need?” Perhaps they are, but before you jump to a conclusion, take a minute to think about your day.

Causes: – Heat and Weakness of brain is a main cause of weak eyesight. The morbid matter eliminate by means of Common Cold if suppressed by wrong treatment, also adversely effects the eyes. Beside this, long over and closely watching of TV, continuous reading in a powerful light, digestive disorder, unbalanced eating and living habits and deficiency of vitamin A in food are also responsible for weak eyesight. In maturity, excessive worry and consumption of alcohol also produce weakness of eyes.

How to Improve Weak Eyesight: –

•  Do not wash the eyes or face when the body is sweating, especially after hard physical exercise or after being exposed to heat and sun.
•  Vitamin A is very good for enhancing your eyesight. Carrots have good quantity of vitamin A which proves to be one of the useful natural treatments.
•  Protect your eyes from dust, smoke, strong sunlight and strong wind. Avoid staying long in such conditions. In case you have to stay, blink often and massage the closed eyes gently with your palms.
•  Look as far as possible and inhale then look down as far as possible and exhale. Blink your eyes more than dozen times. Do the same procedure by turning to your left and right then diagonally up to left, down to right, up to right and down to left followed by rapid blinking.
•  Start with exercises to strengthen the eyes muscles.  For example, lower and raise your eyebrows or rolling your eyes slowly. The shut your eyes and cover them with your palms.  While training your eye muscles, it is important to give them a relaxing condition.
•  You can find good source of vitamin A in turnip, milk cream, fresh milk, cheese, butter, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, soya beans, green peas, oranges and dates.
•  Another simple way of protecting of eyes is through ‘palming’. Rub the palms of both hands for about 30 seconds, close the eyes and gently place the warm palms over the eyes.

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