How to Improve Your Eyesight Using Exercises

The human body needs to be taken care of in order to function properly. The eyes are no different. The better you take care of your sense of sight, the better the eyes will function. In fact by giving your eyes the right TLC, you can help to improve your vision. How to improve eyesight is an oft asked question and there are simple answers:


You can wear glasses
You can use contact lenses
You can get laser eye surgery


Improving eyesight naturally is also very much a possibility. This can be done by the intake of a balanced diet, not sporadically, but on a regular basis. It is especially important that the daily diet be rich in both Vitamin A and calcium as they play a very important role in maintaining the health of the eye. Bilberry extract is also helpful towards the same goal. Another answer to how to improve eyesight naturally is to do exercises that are designed specifically for the eye. Eye exercises can really lend a helping hand to improving eyesight and at the same time encourage the eyes to avoid getting dry. Similarly eye exercises can help relieve strain on the eyes as well. There are numerous eye exercises to improve vision and they are all pretty simple and easy to do.


 It’s true that laser eye surgery is a much faster alternative to achieving great vision but it comes in a very expensive package and complications are always likely. Not so with exercises to improve eyesight. Blinking is one of the recommended exercises because it keeps eyes fresh and helps relieve stress on this organ. This can be especially beneficial for those people who watch television or computer screens for a long time every day.


Palming and focusing are other eye exercises to improve eyesight. Relaxed eyes are the result of palming, which basically means to press the cups of your palm against your eyes while leaving enough room to blink. Where focusing is concerned, you place your thumb ten inches away from your face and concentrate on it. Then you let your eyes focus on any object that is at a distance of at least ten feet away from you. Concentrate on the new object and then switch back to your thumb. That’s the exercise: focus and then switch attention to something else. Improving eyesight is painless and simple this way.


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