How to Quickly Fix Your Golf Club Grip and Improve Your Swing Fast!

Every year after the long hibernation of winter, we dust off our bags, shine up our shoes, polish our clubs, and head off to the golf course to play the gentlemen’s game of golf. So I thought that this would be a wonderful time to think about why we play golf, and review some points of golf etiquette. There is an old golf saying, “Play the ball as it lies, play the course as you find it, and if you cannot do either, do what is fair.” We would always do well to follow this simple rule as it makes the game more enjoyable for everyone concerned.

Golf is a social game, and you frequently find an interesting mix of players on the course at any given time.

So, as we begin a new season of play, this is a wonderful time to think about why we play golf, and review some points of golf etiquette.

Always think safety. There are little, round projectiles sailing past you on all sides. Look where you aim to make sure that there are no other players in your path. Keep your eyes open for a stray ball plummeting from the sky, and sound the alert, “Fore!” if you’ve hit a wild one!

Be considerate of other players in the group by limiting your movement and taking care to speak quietly especially when other players are lining up their shots. You will appreciate it when your friends afford you the same courtesy.

Be aware of your pace of play. Try to rate yourself to the pace of the course on any given day, but if that is just not working, always be polite and allow a faster group to play through, and try not to breathe down the neck of the group in front of you.

Do your absolute best to leave the course as you found it. Everyone causes a divot at some point in his golf career, and there is no shame in this. Leaving it in disrepair, however, is just plain inconsiderate. This same rule would apply to leaving ball marks on the greens. Somewhat in the same vein, when you plow through a bunker, the rake is provided for a reason, to make it like you were never there!

By just putting a little thought into your fellow golfers, you can make everyone’s golfing day the best one — so far anyway!

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