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Rediscover Your Vision™Click Image To Visit SiteI had already purchased a couple of books about natural vision correction but it wasn’t until I bought Rediscover Your Vision that I actually started to see results.

The exercises are laid out in a really easy to follow manner and I was able to measure my progress on a daily basis. I was blown away with how quickly I saw results.

When I found your book I was very pleased as it outlined everything I needed to do to exercise my eyes. Now I no longer need my glasses after only 23 days!

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always wanted to become a Canadian Armed Forces fighter pilot.

My father was a Canadian Armed Forces fighter pilot. My grandfather was a fighter pilot back in World War II. It’s almost a tradition in my family.

And ever since the days of my childhood, when my grandfather used to sit me down on his lap after dinner before our fireplace, and tell me stories of the amazing dogfights he was in, and the heroic missions… it seemed like the PERFECT life for me. The reputation, the adventures, the excitement… I couldn’t wait.

I did everything I possibly could on my way to achieve this career of my dreams. I did well in school, I volunteered, I played plenty of sports, and was even valedictorian of my year in high school!

And after that, I got into a great college, and came out with good grades. Heck, I even got my pilots license as soon as I could.

I was on my way to becoming a Canadian Armed Forces fighter pilot, and nothing was going to stop me…

I’m one of those unlucky individuals who was born with weaker eyesight. Guess it came from… Read more…

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