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How to Take action! Improve Your Vision Without Glasses

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Natural vision improvement – Do Eye Exercises Work

Is there such a thing as natural vision correction? Is this a myth?

I mean, many of us – myself included – have been wearing glasses or sense lenses for years. Never once have our optometrists told us there are natural ways to enhance our vision by exercising our eyes.

(Come to think about it, maybe they did know and are not telling us, because if these methods do work, we won’t be prescribing glasses and sense lenses anymore.)

Apparently there is such a thing as natural vision correction.

What is natural vision correction?

It comprises a series of exercises that train your eye muscles – just like you’ll train your biceps and abs – which over time leads to the natural revision of your vision.

The focusing abilities of your eyes are controlled by a series of internal muscles. Due to the many stresses put upon the visual system, the use of glasses and contacts (yes, some study shows that wearing glasses and sense lenses can worsen your eyesight over time), and the natural aging process itself, these muscles become weak and distorted, therefore resulting in blurred vision.

What natural vision correction exercises do is to strengthen and train these muscles — just as you would any other weak muscles in your body — and redirect your point of focus, thus helping you see clearly without restorative lenses and preventing further deterioration of our eyes.

Scientific Proof

Is there scientific proof that eye exercises can enhance one’s vision? I did some study and this is one of the studies I found:

“Symptoms were totally eliminated in 53% of the patients, reduced in 43% and remained the same in only 4%.

Therefore …an farranging success rate of 96%. There is an impressive and increasing body of evidence attesting to the trainability of accommodative function.” (From a study of 96 patients with some type of accommodative dysfunction who had completed a vision therapy program.) — Irwin B. Suchoff, O.D., and Timothy G. Petito, O.D. (1986) Journal of the American Optometric Association


Natural vision correction is a therapy that’s without fail worth considering, especially if you’re thinking about Lasik eye surgery (like I am).