You should have carrot to improve your eyesight

Today due to bad food habits many people have weak eye sight. Also, today every thing is technologically advanced. So every company or office has a computer and every one has to work on it for hours and hours together. It is impossible to work without it. Due to all this there is terrible strain on the eye. Hence it then becomes necessary to improve eyesight to avoid further problems.

Here are some following tips which will help you to improve eyesight.

You should include more of leafy vegetables in your diet. They have a lot of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Also, you should have a good diet. You should not eat out more frequently. You should also eat more of fruits and have lots of water. Carrots are known to be very useful. You can have its juice or include it in salads.
If you are worker who works on computers for a long time, then it is very essential that you do some eye exercise to relax your eye muscles in between. You can easily learn them or internet. They are some basic exercises like moving your eyeballs diagonally, vertically and horizontally and in circles. You can also do some yoga meant to make better your eyesight.
Eyesight can also get weak by being too much out in the sun. At such time you should wear eye shades which protect you from intense sunlight.
If you have a perennial eye problem like high long distance number, then it is better to do a laser operation done. This you can consult to your optician.
Eye problems occur when there is too much strain on the eye. This can happen if you read a lot. School children have this problem. So they should relax for two or three minutes regularly in between their studies if they study for longer hours. Also, they should also practice eye exercises. Also people who watch long hours of television should have breaks in between to relax their eyes. People who have constant head ache should go to a doctor for checking their eyesight.




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