AOA to Help ODs Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

We have a long thread discussing the impact of Hurricane Harvey on Site members. Many in Houston have had their offices flooded out.

After communicating with the AOA, we learned that they have relief programs and funds in place for those ODs impacted by the storm.

Here is the letter we received from Jon Hymes at the AOA:

Optometry’s Fund for Disaster Relief, a program of Optometry Cares — The AOA Foundation, has since its inception provided more than $500,000 to doctors of optometry who have endured losses from natural disasters. As with our rapid mobilization in response to last years’ floods in Louisiana, the objective right now in Texas is to provide rapid and direct financial support to ODs at the earliest possible point, and that mobilization in close coordination with the Texas Optometric Association, is already underway.

Certainly, this is an especially important moment to support Optometry’s Fund for Disaster Relief and to spread the word about this uniquely targeted and very necessary initiative. Here’s more information on how to get involved now, including by making an online donation:

I salute your special concern about how this devastating storm will impact doctors of optometry, and your desire to actively back proven relief and recovery efforts. Thank you!


Again, the link to donate is here.

Share your stories of the storm and updates in this ongoing thread.

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Darling Reader Mailbag: All The 20/20 Gains!

Quick recap of the past week of guru-inbox and some of our darling participant gains highlights.

First up let’s venture to the Le Meow forum and an update from a starting point of -0.75 to currently lens-free eyesight:


That’s beautiful.

And here’s an ‘eye doctor’ approved update from Clement:

(don’t get Outlook for Android, though)

Another one to file under optometrist-confirmed gains reports.

And here’s another -0.75 to 20/2o report:

I’m not rigging these.

It’s a low myopia update week, what can I say.

And here’s another optometrist confirmed 20/20 gains report:

Love these.

And here’s one from the countless Facebook chat requests I get:

Great start.

And here’s Irfan and a whole diopter reduction so far:

Stimulus works.

And here’s one I really wanted to turn into a whole separate post:

Lots to unpack.

Sadly the old eye guru has been swamped lately.  No time for long ranting blog posts.  But you can totally see where this one would be headed.

Lastly, here’s a whole family’s worth of gains:

Amazing stuff.

There we go.  A week’s worth of gains highlights.

Maybe this is the way to go.  Weekly recap style posts on gains.

Usually I screenshot messages and stick them in a folder and then I never get back to the folder and posting the updates.  Hundreds upon hundreds of gains updates have fallen victim to the ravages of (lack of) time that is me trying to keep up with everybody getting rid of their glasses.

There are so many improvement reports and I really want to share as many of them with you, as possible.  That’s the whole point of endmyopia, not waxing poetic about the terrible state of affairs – but rather taking action and doing what matters.  Which is improving your own life, having your own experience, getting rid of those stupid glasses and going outside to see the world as it really is.

Go make some 20/20 gains!



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Wish I had-

The 3 richest people in America own as much wealth as the bottom half of the nations population. STOP. My rant needed some kind of stats and that is why.

Today the Big E own almost of the everything, not just there. But here and everywhere and they do it so nicely and decently. But its ugly. Competition is good. But not monopoly.

In India the independent optician worked really hard to introduce their brands and lenses to the market that was so difficult to upgrade and to sell even a value progressive lens. They they finally had it going and then there goes, in the name of lateral integration or what not, labs opening stores, stores opening ecom, and what not.
And the labs that started out promising that they cater to independent only were just lying, they show the sale and then slyly allow them to be sold.

The independent optician of the US of A too would have been in the same grass and now way ahead after being chewed and used.
So I wanted to know
It might have made them stronger, and move ahead.
1. A strong point that you think you could have done THEN to not allow this to happen NOW?
2. There are for sure brands that vow to sell only to independents, but does the end user actually want to buy them?
And then
3. Do you think, you should have left this business and done something else. Lets keep aside for now, “”the winners don’t quit” as I can see none of you’ll have and are still at it.

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Vision Expo East 2019 Reports Increase in Attendance And Buyers

Vision Expo East 2019, held in New York City’s Javits Center, was a great success with the Show experiencing an overall attendance increase of 2.6 percent with a 5 percent rise in registration for optical buyers. Notably, one-third of attendees represented new practices and optical locations providing exhibitors the opportunity to connect with new buyers. Social media was also buzzing as the optical community generated 31 million impressions to date using the hashtag #VisionExpo, an increase of 15 percent over 2018.

At this year’s Show, exhibitors saw increased buying as they previewed new collections, launched new products and showcased their latest innovations to over 14,800 eyecare professionals from across the world. The following are testimonials from exhibitors:

“We were thrilled to use Vision Expo East as the platform to launch our new luxury division, Ultimate Vision USA, which markets Chris Craft, Henry Jullien, McLaren and Plein Les Mirettes,” said Stephen Rappoport, CEO and president of L’Amy America. “Each of the three days, our booth saw increased business activity that allowed us to showcase our new brands and put us into contact with quality buyers for Ultimate Vision USA as well as for our well-known L’Amy America brands. Presenting our latest products at the largest gathering of the vision community is always a wonderful opportunity to establish connections and enhance our partnerships.”

“Vision Expo East was a tremendous success for Safilo this year. It was the perfect stage for us to debut our all-new state-of-the-art booth with a lot of excitement and shows how Safilo is committed to North America in a big way, with significant investment,” said Steve Wright, CCO and president of Safilo North America. “The buzz surrounding our new booth was contagious. We had impressive crowds for our various activations and it was a great space to announce the resigning of the Kate Spade New York license,” said Victoria Hallberg, chief marketing officer of Safilo North America.

Debuting at the Show, Vision Expo’s inaugural EYE2EYE series packed the BRIDGE with attendees during several events including an interview with award-winning artist, Common, moderated by multimedia personality, Lilliana Vasquez, as well as a panel with FUBU founders, Daymond John, Keith Perrin, J. Alexander Martin and Carl Brown. Additionally, the Exhibit Hall saw a surprise appearance by former professional basketball player, Shaquille O’Neal, to represent his eyewear line with Zyloware Eyewear.

“It was great to be at Vision Expo East to see the conversation with Common and Lilliana Vasquez,” said attendee Dr. Tommasina Sideris of Eyes on Litchfield in Litchfield, Conn. “It’s always good to take home something that can be used to improve one’s life and career.”

With its unmatched education courses, engaging speakers and social events, OptiCon @ Vision Expo afforded attendees a variety of learning and networking opportunities. During the first ever National Federation of Opticianry Schools (NFOS) Hoya College Bowl, 300 attendees came together for a rousing competition with the final winner announced as Zachary McDaniel from Roane State Community College.

At this year’s exclusive Boutique Buyer Panel, Edward Beiner (South Miami, Fla.) was announced as the winner of the second annual OPTImum Retail Award. Vision Expo East also celebrated its exhibitors in the Best Booth Contest with Article One winning Most Creative Booth Design and Essilor of America winning Best Brand Activation. In addition, this year’s Vision Choice Award first place winner was Miraflex with second place going to Faniel Eyewear and third to Lunette USA Inc.

“We were excited to see the creativity and passion each exhibitor brought to Vision Expo this year, as well as the drive we saw from attendees in the classroom and on the Show Floor,” said Mitch Barkley, The Vision Council’s vice president of trade shows and meetings. “Vision Expo is thrilled that this year’s Show was a success and that we were able to share it with the many individuals who have the same enthusiasm for the optical industry as we do.”

To further promote the importance of eyecare and eyewear, informative messaging was placed throughout New York City the week of the Show, including a full-page ad in the New York Times highlighting the many eyecare options available to consumers, as well as Think About Your Eyes’ videos showing in multiple locations in Times Square. Additionally, The Vision Council hosted a press event to highlight Vision Expo exhibitors’ products to 86 influencers and members of consumer and trade media.

Vision Expo continues to be a can’t-miss event for the industry. Recently named one of the Fastest 50 by Trade Show Executive, save the date for Vision Expo West 2019, September 18–21 in Las Vegas. Vision Expo East 2020 will take place March 26–29 in New York City.

About Vision Expo
Vision Expo East (Education: March 26–29, 2020; Exhibition: March 27-29, 2020) in New York City and West (Education: September 18–21, 2019; Exhibition: September 19-21, 2019) in Las Vegas are trade-only conferences and exhibitions for eyecare and eyewear presented by co-owners Reed Exhibitions and The Vision Council. Vision Expo is the complete event for ophthalmic professionals, where eyecare meets eyewear, and education, fashion and innovation mingle. In the Vision Expo Exhibit Hall, eyecare providers can discover trends, interact with new technologies and access innovative products and services. The Vision Expo education program is driven by the profession, offering content of the highest quality and relevance to enhance overall patient care. For more information, visit and follow Vision Expo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About The Vision Council
Championing better vision for better lives, The Vision Council positions its members for success by promoting growth in the vision care industry through education, advocacy, research, consumer outreach, strategic relationship building and industry forums. By sharing the latest in eyewear trends, advances in technology and advice from eyewear experts, The Vision Council serves as a resource to the public looking to learn more about options in eyeglasses and sunglasses.

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Hurricane Harvey: How ODs Can Get Help is the largest site online specifically designed for Eye Care Professionals.

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Conny: -3.25 Down To -1.75 D

Ok, so …

Your most favorite and ever wise and sagely barefooted guru has been wanting to post some of the more recent videos for you, here in the bloglet.  

It’s something I keep looking forward to.  But then every day (every. single. day!) we keep being interrupted by all these pesky gainz reports.

Like Conny:


And I have to post them here for you.

Since it’s just the sort of thing that most of the industry claiming to be the official stewards of your eyesight doesn’t get to show even a single time, in decades of cumulative “practice” of managing myopia.  And yet us, teeny little nothing destination on the Interwebs, not even doctors or optometrists or remotely professionals, we seems to get these magical diopter reductions updates, every day.

Errrrrr daaaay.

It’s probably some kind of trick.  Another Internet scheme of some kind.  Conspiracy theories.  Because how could it possibly be that stimulus and biology have a place in figuring out myopia this day and age.  Pure nonsense, darlings.  Genetic deficiency, and buy these glasses.  Just remember those two key points.

Also, Krysten here with some high diopter reduction progress:


Krysten here clearly, one of the people who won’t listen to the mainstream wisdom.

Think about it.  She’d be perfectly fine at -8 diopters of massive high myopia, and piled on another three enormous diopters of astigmatism.  Perfectly fine and content.  Instead she’s going through all this trouble of understanding biology and reducing diopter dependence and making educated choices rather than just blindly (well not yet, quite) following symptom treatment advice from an industry built around ripping you off.

As I keep saying, I personally don’t condone any of this.  If it were up to me (sadly nothing ever is), I’d send everybody to the optometrist.  Go get glasses.  Don’t start thinking for yourself.  It’s a slippery slope and a whole lot of corporate shareholders depend on you not doing any of that.

I’m powerless here.  So if you’re going to get back to 20/20, I can’t really stop you.



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Interested In FFSV Options For Anisometropic Amblyopic Patient With a High Cyl

Ok, hopefully this is enough info.

Old Rx (from 3 years ago, patient isn’t very good about coming for yearly exams):
OD: +3.75 -4.75 x 075
OS: -1.25 -0.75 x 118

New Rx:
OD: +3.50 -4.75 x 078
OS: -1.50 -0.75 x 115

BCVA: 20/25

Patient is male, 39, nominal medical history, reported to have worn glasses throughout childhood, but stopped wearing them from adolescence until mid-20’s where he apparently found he could longer compensate without them. History shows that he is a functional myope, records provided from previous OD show that OS sphere was plano as a teenager, OD sphere was +4.75. There is no record of problems with fusion. Patient basically used only his left eye after he stopped wearing corrective lenses due to amblyopic suppression. Binocular vision is reported as problematic and limited. Gross depth perception is acceptable, but fine depth perception appears to be non-existent beyond about 10 feet. Patient reports gross “depth from motion” (that’s what is written in the record, I’ve always called it dynamic depth perception) is acceptable, record indicates patient reported, “I can tell the difference between a ball coming at me that is thrown from 10 feet away or two feet away” but finer function is apparently almost non-existent “I couldn’t tell you, if a ball was coming at me, if it was 6 feet or 4 feet away from me at a given moment” patient also reports “I couldn’t catch a ball if my life depended on it. If someone throws something to me, I have a general idea where it is going to land, but that’s it. Also, if I throw something, I can gauge generally where it will land, but with absolutely no precision or accuracy” Patient reported inability to see anything in “hidden image/Magic Eye books” and has very limited ability to experience 3D movies and television and feels severe eyestrain when doing so.

Let me know if you need anything else, I should be able to provide it.

Quote Originally Posted by Robert Martellaro View Post
The exact Rx would be more helpful. Toss in the old Rx for good measure, and any other history that is pertinent, VAs, age, etc.

Consider contact lenses, with spectacle lenses over as needed.

Best regards,

Robert Martellaro

Record indicates that contact lenses with corrective lenses was discussed with patient, patient declined this option, indicating they had absolutely no interest in it.Learn more at

TEFdoesVisionExpo – Spectaculars

Vision Expo East will open its doors in just days, and to already give you a little sneak peek on the amazing eyewear you will find there, TEF Magazine created some lifestyle photos with some of their exhibitors.

Sophia is wearing The Reggie by Spectaculars. A beautiful round-shaped, unisex style which was inspired by 1930’s vintage frames. Reggie is available in Black, Blonde Tortoise and Olive Tortoise (shown in the photo).

The Spectaculars collection pays tribute to the iconic American classics, with subtle twists to make them our own. Not only do they offer classic black and tortoise colorations, they also create limited edition runs featuring primary colors with pure silk inlays, decors, stones, and leather skins. They maintain certain aspects of handmade production, staying true to time tested techniques and honoring the original American way of manufacturing.

Spectaculars eyewear is still hand crafted using the finest pin rivet hinges and wire temple cores.

About Spectaculars:

Spectaculars is a collection of vintage-inspired eyewear that is handcrafted in America. The collection honors iconic silhouettes from the 1930’s-1970’s, with subtle, modern updates. Spectaculars’ newest collection will be showcased at Vision Expo East in New York at ClearVision Optical’s booth #1621. The two companies partnered last year and their first collaborative collection will be debuted at the show. If you don’t have an entrance ticket yet, you can register here for free!

Source: TEF Magazine
Eyewear: Reggie in Olive Tortoise by Spectaculars
Models: Sophia, optometrist and eyewear blogger at The Monocle Muse

Kala Mid Page

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Will Opternative Write an Rx for a Fake Patient?

One of the flaws with online refraction systems (beyond the fact that they aren’t a substitute for a full eye exam) is that it can be difficult – or impossible – to tell who the patient actually is when working with them online. Indeed, issues of identity are serious problems for all sorts of online transactions.

But in this case, it could lead to the writing and filling of fraudulent Rx’s.

An anonymous poster writes of a story where he saw one system – Opternative – write an Rx for a non-existent patient – and even e-mailed a copy of the Rx for use elsewhere.

Read the details of the case here.

What does this mean for the physicians (MDs) who are signing off on these Rx’s?
How is your state responding to internet-based refractions?
New regulations?
Whole-hearted approval?

Weigh in!

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Vision Expo East Vendor Discounts for CEwire2019 Participants

Most of the equipment vendors having an active Booth on CEwire2019 have agreed to offer the same discounts as someone visiting their booth at Vision Expo East.

How much of a discount? That will be announced on Friday 3/22/19. Adam will visit each CEwire2019 equipment vendor and learn the discounts. He will stream the information in real time on to

for those not as yet registered for, there is still time to take courses for CE credit which run
through 7/1//19. Learn more at