Shifting mindset to reduce strain

Recently I have been thinking more about how the eye actually works and how the ciliary muscle changes depending on the distance you are looking at. It’s common knowledge that in order to see something clearly far away the ciliary muscle (which controls the shape of the lens in the eye) relaxes and the lens becomes thinner and less convergent to allow the rays to travel a longer optical path length as they enter the eye so that they can converge on a point nearer the retina.

Although many people understand this they still get caught up in trying to see things clearly right away when looking far away. If you have been looking at things close up all day with great clarity then your ciliary muscle expects to remain that way to allow you to see your “optimum distance” of clarity. Therefore, the ciliary muscle becomes sort of frozen which, in turn, means that there is really only a very small range of distances your eye looks at with comfort. So instead of looking into the distance you’ll look at things nearer to you and even if you do look into the distance, much of the time the ciliary muscle remains in that frozen state so you’re not really seeing beyond a particular distance. Things take time and the way in which we use our eyes is something that has developed over the entirety of our lives. Therefore, by simply changing our habits on one occasion we can’t expect to make any lasting improvement in terms of clarity. This can be frustrating as we don’t want to have to live our lives constantly thinking about vision improvement. 

The major turning point for me was recognising that regardless of clarity when I’m looking at distant objects, my ciliary muscle is starting to relax. I’ve become obsessed with the idea that looking around my environment and into the distance it prevents my ciliary muscle reaching that frozen state. This means that the lens becomes more flexible and I’m more comfortable with looking at a range of distances. So I want to reiterate my point, I think that if you make a conscious effort to shift your thinking towards, “looking at distant objects relaxes my eyes” then it will be true. However, as long as you think that clarity is the sole factor that determines the eyes being in a relaxed state, then you will stick to your old habits and ways of seeing that you’ve being doing for years in order to optimise your eyesight for modern day usage (computers, smart phones etc). 

Furthermore, next time you look into the distance be aware, beforehand, that the very action of looking far away is relaxing your eyes even if the image is not immediately clear. Even if it doesn’t clear up just looking far away is good for the muscles of the eyes and will reduce strain as long as you let go of the notion that everything has to be seen with perfect clarity. Become more obsessed about the idea of keeping your eyes relaxed throughout the day and it will do more for you in terms of improving your eyesight than obsessing over the idea of clarity. Realise how different it feels when the eyes are relaxed, how the whole face and body also feel relaxed, you may even start to associate this relaxing feeling with looking far away. Recognise the feelings of strain in your eyes when you are at the computer for 3-4 hours at a time and do something about it. Take a break, look around the room for a little while. Little actions like these throughout the day will do wonders for your eyes. Remember that the eyes weren’t meant to function looking at things less than 1m away from ourselves all day long.

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Video: Leah Improving From -8.00 To -5.75 Diopters

Well hello there.

Today a video improvement update.

This one is from Leah, who beyond graciously devoted some time to do a video update and post it on the murky swamps known as the YouTubes.  

Love video reviews!  Here it is:

Pretty awesome.

These make my day.

For this endmyopia project I spend so much time staring at screens and text and e-mails and social media posts and questions from all over.  It’s all so two dimensional and distant, with no human emotion or facial expressions or intonation.  Really would love more feedback in this format, an old beard really enjoys seeing your happy faces!

Keep making those 20/20 gains.  And send over some video of your progress.



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Screwless temple repair

Someone brought this Jhanes Barnes frame (kenmark) that has a screwless temple design. When the temple is closed it slides itself partially downward off the post it’s mounted to. I can’t figure out how to secure this temple to keep it from migrating downward apart.

Has anyone worked with this design before and can offer any advice?

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Update: Optometry Cares Offering $4k Grants for ODs Hit by Storms

Update: Optometry Cares is offering $4k grants for all ODs impacted by the recent storms – you don’t need to be an AOA member to benefit.


OFDR Website:

OFDR Application:

Donation Link: Classifieds: (post in Help Wanted if looking for work, all fees waived)

Texas Optometric Association

Tips for affected ODs that TOA sent out:…Storm.html?soid=1101264306992&aid=xTwoNqRd6ok

Classifieds for relief/work for TOA members:

Classifieds ads can be posted by non-members currently by emailing:

Discuss here …


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Ocutrx Vision Technologies Appoints Dr. Linda Lam as Chief Scientific and Strategy Officer

Ocutrx Vision Technologies, LLC, a California-based developer of augmented reality (AR) glasses, today announced that Dr. Linda Lam, MD, MBA, joined the company’s executive management team in the role of chief scientific and strategy officer. Currently an associate professor of Ophthalmology and vice chair of Satellite Clinical Affairs at the USC Keck School of Medicine, Dr. Lam will lead the development and oversight of the scientific, technological and research operations currently underway at Ocutrx. In this position, she will guide new technology development as well as help align current and future R&D efforts with organizational priorities, industry trends and growth opportunities.

“We are pleased to welcome Dr. Lam into the management team at Ocutrx. Dr. Lam has a track record as an outstanding clinician, innovator, and educator,” said Michael H. Freeman, CEO/CTO. “Her commitment to innovation, scholarly research, and improved patient outcomes is an excellent fit with Ocutrx’s flagship product, the Oculenz augmented reality glasses for low vision patients among other applications. We are confident the leadership for science and strategy is being placed into very experienced and capable hands.”

Dr. Lam brings a deep expertise in complex medical and surgical vitreoretinal cases to Ocutrx. Her unique skill set also extends to clinical operations and strategy, research in macular degeneration, medical devices, artificial intelligence research and vision rehabilitation. In addition to her work at the USC Keck School of Medicine, Dr. Lam is also an executive board member of the Braille Institute of America and member of the board of low vision rehabilitation for the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

“The work Ocutrx is doing to advance augmented reality products and broader medical technology in the augmented reality space is revolutionary and broadly applicable across multiple demographics, industries and levels of visual impairments,” said Dr. Lam. “I’m thrilled with the opportunity to contribute to the groundbreaking work at Ocutrx and I can’t wait to share with the medical community some of the exciting progress we have in store for 2019.”

To learn more about Ocutrx and the company’s groundbreaking AR wear and AR technology, please visit

About Ocutrx

With corporate headquarters in Irvine, California, and a research and development lab in the US Midwest, Ocutrx is a new breed of AR manufacturing company focusing on the lightest weight AR headset housing the largest field-of-vision in the market. At a time when worldwide applications for easy-to-wear and easy-to-use AR solutions are being touted as the “next big thing after smartphones,” Ocutrx is creating impactful, revolutionary AR wear for mass use.  To learn more about Ocutrx, please visit the company website at

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Tess: -2.50 D Down To 0.75 D (One Year Progress)

After the past few most recent posts having been guru ramblings, it’s time to get back to the main part of this whole show:

The darling kittehs making all the 20/20 gains.

Jakey after all could just be another Internet kook, talking far fetched eyeball conspiracies.  As one of our forum members pointed out the other day, most of the online evidence from large Websites clearly suggests that the eye guru is just another unicorn farmer.  Everywhere except endmyopia is all about how myopia is genetic and glasses are a fine fix.  So … odds are they must be right.  Right?

Except Google Scholar of course, and most of peer reviewed clinical science.  But hey, that’s not the Internet … that’s science.  We all know how science isn’t all that popular with ad supported Web “health” destinations – and actual well-being not being a big hit with “medical” Websites.

See?  Jake, the Internet kook.

Which is all why I recommend you first look at the thousands of improvement reports first hand from participants, and then at the science.  Don’t look at “who to trust”.  Trust yourself, and your own research and your own trying out stuff.  It’s safe enough and quick enough.  Success requires initiative.

Here’s Tess, for some inspiration:

Like I said …

The average Western person these days it seems, is a 9-5 desk sheeple who dislikes their job, their spouse, and most of their life at large.

Glasses are a perfect and only slightly ironic expression of average life.

Think about it.  People completely trust some utterly random stranger, who meanwhile very clearly is profiting from selling stuff, telling everyone that we’re genetically defective.  Just because that person has a made up title that some other group of complete strangers have given her/him.  Yea, I guess they must be right, I do feel like a genetic reject anyway.  I’ll just pay for these here glasses and get back to my menial existence.

Don’t feel bad.  even yee ole Jakey was that guy for a couple of decades, too.  Desk job, glasses, the whole bit.  

But all of it is complete and utter horsesh*t.  Everything that you don’t put effort into, everything that you don’t make your own mission, everything that you don’t work for, is not in your likely best interest.  Those random strangers don’t work out of the kindness of their profound little hearts.  They’re making money, and because there’s no money in telling you the truth, they’re telling you what’s convenient instead.

Up to you, all of this.  Including maybe making all the 20/20 gains, just like Tess is.



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