Elderly man thanks ex-assemblyman for restoring his eyesight …

Posted on August 4, 2013, Sunday

Chin embraces Pang (right) when the latter visited him at his house.

SANDAKAN: Former Karamunting assemblyman Datuk Peter Pang En Yin fulfilled his promise to an elderly man to help him “restore” his blurred eyesight.

Pang had arranged for the cataract surgery on one eye and last month Chin Kui Siong went for a second surgery on the other eye. His eyesight has improved following both surgeries.

The former Karamunting assemblyman had in April promised Chin he would make the necessary arrangement for him to go for a second surgery to repair the other eye regardless whether he would be contesting or not in the 13th general election

Pang honoured his promise to Chin and the second surgery was successful.

Chin’s family members are grateful to Pang for giving him a “new vision and hope”.  His concerns to Chin’s eye problem and commitment to help him “see” again touched them.

“Chin was moody and at times behaved strangely due to his eyesight problem before the surgery. Today he is the joyful and normal self again,” a family member said when Pang visited him at his house in Jalan Cecily yesterday.

“May God bless you, Mr Pang. Thank you for helping me and I will always remember the good deeds you have done for me,” Chin told Pang as he embraced him during his visit.

Chin said he could now go to the Tanah Merah Market to look up old friends for a chat over a cup of hot coffee or tea.

The 75-year-old Chin also thanked Pang for arranging for him to meet a long time acquaintance at a function here recently.

He is no other than the Head of State Tun Haji Juhar Datuk Haji Mahiruddin.