Making Your Website Work – How Much Does it Cost?

Controlling your costs in this very challenging business environment is a job in itself.

When you are considering whether or not to hire a website designer or try to “do it yourself”, costs will be of concern. If you treat your website as a cost center and not as a revenue generator you may have some difficulty accounting for any outside costs. If you think you need some sort of website but don’t have the budget, you should consider creating a WordPress blog. Or you could use one of the many free blogging engines like When done correctly, you can make your blog look very close to a customized website. If you need to “brand your blog” you should be able to have a technically skilled staff member help out with this challenge. Do you need a website? Maybe not.

So, let’s say you decide to go ahead and create a website. You need to consider many things before getting started and one of those will be time, lots and lots of time. The old adage, “time is money” is a strict reality when we talk about website design. Many think it is relatively easy to create a simple website, however, to create a remarkable and revenue generating product is much more difficult.

Here is another popular expression for you: “you get what you pay for”. This could never be more true than when it comes to website design. You can find hundreds of designers that will charge “next to nothing” to provide you with a website solution. These “low end providers” are either new to the trade, desperate for work or, very often, are out-sourcing the work to overseas offices. When you see someone offering $ 10 per hour for website design work, you can pretty much expect that your project will be coded overseas. We are not fans of sending work outside of our local business community and believe there is good value to be had with “higher end providers”. If you treat your website project as a product and think of how you are already work with your other products, you then plan your strategies based on good business practices. When you take website design seriously, we can guarantee that you will get the best possible service, design, support and ongoing advice. Most website designers have spent considerable time learning their craft and should receive good compensation for their efforts.

As a basic rule of thumb, we would suggest you plan to pay approximately $ 60 per hour (average) for website design services. Most professional websites will end up costing you about $ 1200 to $ 1600 as a starting point. This work should include “some branding”, links to social networking sites and the creation of a daily blog. When you are sourcing out a supplier, we would suggest you sign up to receive a copy of our FREE Making Your Website Work EBook with our convenient “checklists”. By asking the questions contained in this EBook you will certainly get a much better idea whether the designer you have chosen is up to the task.

Woody House
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