How Much Power Does a Windmill Produce?

Do you know that many people today have managed to construct their own wind turbine energy systems at home DIY to make their own free electricity, including myself? The energy is completely free to harness and requires very little costs to maintain every few months. It is just as efficient as using fossil fuels, if not better.

1. How Much Power Does a Windmill Generate?

There are small and large unit blueprints available for different purposes. The smaller ones are generally used for domestic purposes while the larger ones can be used in bigger industrial companies and the national grid. On average, a domestic version is capable of producing up to 50W to 5,000W of power, depending on the wind conditions and the serviceability of the windmill. For commercial variants, they can produce as much as 5mW to 100mW of power as the wind farms consist of several generators combined together.

2. How Much Money Will You Need to Invest in a Windmill?

By building one myself, I have been able to complete a fully functional wind turbine system with less than $ 100. It is able to produce enough electricity to cover for most of my power bills. If bought separately in a retail version, it potentially costs as much as $ 5,000 and above, 50 times more expensive than a DIY one! This makes the DIY version a better investment.

3. What Can You Use Windmill Power Systems For?

They are able to generate free electric power 24 hours a day with wind speeds as low as 6 mph. This means that from an investment point of view, these wind turbine systems are very well worth building for more than 95% of all households. It can be used to run PCs, lights and most other home appliances. It also stores electricity in a battery system to provide for backup when there is a power outage or insufficient wind speeds.

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