5 Easy Ways to Improve Your English

Take notes and jot things down. If you jot down words or important phrases that you do not know, you’ll be able to then refer back to them down the line. I suggest making an effort to keep a simple notepad with you so that you can make note of words you do not know. This is useful if you are watching a show, listening to music, speaking with others, or sitting in your English class. At a later moment, you can find the definitions. Don’t get worried if you don’t know how to spell a word. Simply make a note of how the word sounds or how you believe it might be written. To obtain the true spelling, you can go to Google and key in the word that you are searching for. In case it is misspelled, Google will give you the most probable word. You may also open a Microsoft word document or something like that and write the word in that as well. It will also give you a list of suggested words. As soon as you have identified the word, you are able to then find the definition. The next step would be to begin making use of the word or phrase in your discussions and in your writing.

Watch Television shows or movies. Watching films or Television shows in English is a really good way to improve your listening abilities. If it’s feasible, I also advise using English subtitles. By using the subtitles, you will be able to hear how the word is pronounced and how it is written. This will help your brain associate words with their sounds.

Listen to music or podcasts. Listening to music can be a fun way to enhance your listening skills as well. Even if your regional radio stations don’t play a large number of English songs, you can find many English radio stations on the web. I recommend printing out the lyrics of your favorite songs and learning the words so that you may sing along. I also recommend listening to podcasts. There are podcasts on basically every subject matter, so you are bound to find something to your liking.

Warning: Song writers do not always use correct English grammar. Many times words are picked for how they sound in the song and not for grammar purposes.
Read. Reading is a great way for you to improve your English. By reading, you will be introduced to new vocabulary words and will also see how English grammar is used. It is necessary to note that grammar is not always used in the correct way in spoken English. In writing, however, grammar must be used correctly. Therefore, the more often you read, the more you will be aware of how certain words are used along with the grammar. It is not so important what you read, simply read something in English. The most important thing is to read about something you are interested in. If it is a topic that you are interested in, then you are more inclined to read about it more regularly and for longer periods of time.
Practice. This is hands down the best way to improve your English. It may well also be the toughest, especially if you live in a non-English speaking country and work full time. There are ways, however, that you can practice your English. Taking an English course, for example, is always a great way to practice your English. You can take a course from a traditional school or try one on the internet. If cost is a problem, try finding English blogs that give free lessons. You can also make friends with an English speaking person on Facebook, MySpace, or any other kind of social media website. There are always folks looking to learn some other language. Just find somebody that would really like to learn your language and suggest to help them if they help you. You never know, this could produce a great friendship or your true love.

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