Best Exercise to Jump Higher

So what is the best exercise to jump higher? To answer that question you have to understand how your muscles work. When you’ve gotten this concept down you’ll be able to target the right exercise to enable you to jump higher.

Do you know what types of fibers that your muscle is made out of? If you are thinking, how does this apply to jumping higher. Then you need to pay attention, because learning how your muscles work will give you the knowledge to train correctly. AND find the best exercise to jump higher.

Okay, so the answer is the muscles are made up of two types of fibers. These are the fast and slow twitch muscles. The average person has about a 50-50 split of both. But for right now you should be focusing on the fast twitch muscle. You can learn more about the slow twitch muscle later on.

Now what makes the fast twitch muscle important to your training is that it helps to give you that explosive power to jump higher. An example of athletes that train and develop their fast twitch muscles are sprinters. And an example of athletes that have more slow twitch muscles are long distance runners.

One is for explosion and bursting speeds. The other is for endurance. Can you guess which one you need?

If you’ve guessed the fast twitch muscles, then give yourself a pat on the back. You are one smart cookie!

So now that you know which type of muscle you should be training. How do you train it?

The most effective way to train to jump higher is by doing high intensity workouts. So that means, there really is no best exercise to jump higher. At least not a stand alone exercise. Because you need a combination of exercises to achieve results.

You can put together your own program of exercises. But in most cases you probably won’t know which ones are more effective.

So if you want to take a shortcut. I would suggest finding a vertical jump program. Most of the exercises and workouts that are taught have been tested and proven to work.

Here’s a vertical jump program that can help you to jump higher. It has a combination of exercises such as plyometrics and weight training to get you good results. The program is called the Jump Manual. You can read a detailed Jump Manual Review here. As well as get direct access to the site.

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