Can You Improve and Restore Your Vision Naturally?

If you are like many people, you probably cannot stand the idea of wearing glasses or contact lenses. You may find the hassles of cleaning and maintaining your glasses and contact lenses inconvenient; or, you may find that replacing and buying new frames, glasses or contact lenses too expensive – as a result, you put up with substandard vision by putting off upgrades until you have the necessary funds to do so. And, we probably do not need to get into your personal self-consciousness, and how and why most people consider themselves ridiculous when wearing glasses.

But, with all the other conditions which seem to have natural cures, treatments and remedies available, are there any which offer natural vision correction without glasses and/or contact lenses? Most people do not realize that, yes, indeed there are – and they are nothing new – having been around for quite some time, but not publicized all too well.

Before I go into more detail, consider the following facts about using any type of corrective lenses and other facts on vision:

All contact lenses and eyeglasses dramatically weaken your sight, by forcing you to use your eyes in an “unnatural” manner, which promotes all kinds of adverse eye conditions.
Corrective eye surgery will not restore your vision, but only treats your symptoms. If you undergo eye surgery, you run the risk of having major eye problems later on – any eye doctor will tell you this before you go through the surgery.
The great majority of eye doctors and optical specialists do not know much about natural methods of restoring vision. If they do, they won’t tell you because they will not make any money that way.
Genetics do not determine quality of eyesight. Studies have shown that ALL newborn babies generally have perfect vision at birth.
Cultures whom you may consider “uncivilized,” such as the tribes of the Amazon jungle, have been able to able to see things with the naked eye, that most people in more technologically advanced societies need a microscope to see.

This remarkable discovery was first discovered by an ophthalmologist, Dr. William H. Bates of New York in 1880. His reasoning was that if it was possible to mend broken bones in the body, then you are almost certain to be able to restore vision.

Dr. Bates decided that he would dispel the notion that only wearing glasses can improve failing vision. By the end of his research, he completely exposed this common misconception as a myth, and proved all of his detractors wrong.

Through experimenting with some of his patients, he discovered that the level of the performance of one’s vision is completely determined by stress levels, strain upon the eyes and even diet. He also found that in 99.9% of all of the cases he studied, vision could naturally be restored through a series of simple exercises which promote the relaxation of the eyes.

Finally, in 1891, he quit his practice as an eye doctor, and solely focused on helping people get rid of their harmful eyeglasses.

Due to advancements in medical science, research and technology, a group of bold ophthalmologists are now promoting this method with much success. Taking all of these improvements, and mingling them with the original concepts devised by Dr. Bates, thousands are literally getting rid of their glasses for good, thanks to modern interpretations of Dr. Bates’ method – and in case you are wondering, ALL optical problems imaginable can be improved and restored using these enhanced, all natural techniques.

Tired of your glasses or contact lenses? Always forgetting or losing them? Would you like to get rid of your glasses for good using these all natural techniques?

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