Cod liver oil helps improve eyesight

Ever wondered whether you could avoid a set of spectacles? Have you thought about getting rid of you glasses using laser eye surgery? Well, If you have, then I will have to stop you right there. While your sets of glasses are bad for you in the long run, laser surgery can cause permanent damage to your eyesight. Plus, laser surgery is not always permanent. After a few years the problem may appear again. But don’t worry, help is at hand. There are methods and natural ways to improve eyesight.

Eyes are one of the most sensitive and vulnerable organ of our body. Vision tends to face a risk from a whole set of problems, including irreversible ones like old age. It is always a wise decision to take proper case of your eyesight. Now while eye drops may be something that your doctor would recommend, there are certain exercises and methods to improve eyesight. The simplest exercise you can do is blink. Blinking you eyes does a lot of good for them. There is a reason why people blink; it is to keep the eyes lubricated. Dry eyes tend to cause blurred vision.

Taking breaks from your computer or laptop can help your eyes in a big way. Constant exposure to light can damage your eyes. There is a reason why we close our eyes and sleep and turn off the lights. In addition, when you sit for hours on your computer, yours eyes are focused in one place. Just like human beings, eyes need movement too.

Lastly, a healthy diet is the best way to maintain and improve eyesight. Food that is high in anti-oxidants is highly recommended. Food that is rich in zinc strengthens the retina, while vitamin B as it prevents drying of the eyes by maintaining iodine in the optical nerves. Vitamin A is probably the most important vitamin for the eyes. Found in carrots and cod liver oil, they slow down macular generation in the eyes and reduce the chances of cataract formation. Cod liver oil contains high levels of vitamin A and is recommended by all doctors. Cod liver oil capsules are available at all grocery stores.

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