Dealing With Distractions on Exercise

You started out on a roll. You were excited to be working out and loved that feeling of accomplishment that came when you finished an incredibly challenging session. You were seeing some changes in your body, experiencing higher energy levels, and just feeling like there was in fact hope for your poor, unhealthy abused body.

Then suddenly things weren’t so easy. The kids got sick or started crying when you went to climb on the treadmill. Your husband protesting that dinner can’t be served late. You had a few days that you just felt too tired, stressed, or emotional to hit the gym. You started slacking and now it feels impossible to get back to a consistent workout schedule.

If you relate to any part of this, then you are right where most people end up once the initial high of getting healthy wears off a bit. When motivation runs low, take the following tips to heart and you will be over the hump and back to your workouts very soon:

1. Put in mind the long-term benefits.

You could give yourself a bit of instant gratification by not working out, or you could remind yourself that you are working for something greater in the future and get going. How you respond today is going to determine how you look and feel in the future.

When you allow yourself to miss a workout you are doing much more than just missing a chance to burn a few hundred calories. You are standing in your own way so it becomes much harder to lose the weight and get healthy. You are harboring sickness within the entire family, really. You are attracting illnesses such as stroke, cancer, and other more deadly diseases.

Missing the workout doesn’t seem so innocent when you think of it like this!

2. Determine what you stand for and never back down.

You wouldn’t go to a rally for a politician spouting views you don’t agree with, right? Definitely not; never let yourself be under sub-standards or principles you don’t believe in. This just tells you that you do not have to live in a mediocre fashion and become a lazy person.

Set your standards now right now that you will never miss another workout unless you have doctor’s orders not to do it. If you can physically drag yourself there, you will be there. That is your new standard. That is what you believe in.

3. Stop lying to yourself.

Excuses are just so powerful that when you put your mind and heart to it, it easily becomes legitimate. Right now, vow to stop lying to yourself.

U.S. ex-state secretary Rice works out at least six times a week and to think she’s among the world’s busiest people; if she can do it, why can’t you. That breaks the excuse so that you can focus more on your workout.

No room for excuses. When you really start to live by this standard you will start to hold your own feet to fire and make yourself push through and get those workouts in no matter what.

4. Redesign your priority list.

Think of how many hours you have in a week and then compare that to how many hours you want to workout each week. This uncovers that exercising is not a waste of time. Then take it a step further and tell yourself that you are worthy of this little bit of time to take care of yourself.

Stop putting yourself last and unless you do so, you will never be consistent with your workout. Try to beat yourself to number one and check out what happens next!

Keep in mind that excuses are not okay. You don’t need to pat yourself on the back and let yourself off the hook when life gets complicated and stressful. Remain consistent and you will feel better about yourself in the end.

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