Dorn Spinal Therapy – Dorn Method Therapy

Dorn Spinal Therapy – Dorn Method Therapy

Lower back pain can often be related to a simple issue like different long legs. Just imagine you have 2 different long legs. That means that your body has to constantly compensate for that difference, and it does. What happens is that the longer leg constantly pushes against the hip joint and eventually the hip starts moving out of place. That out of place movement can create pain because with the movement of the hip there will follow movement of muscles, evtl. Nerves and even other structures in the lower back and/or spine. And that, as you can imagine, can create a lot of problems.

So, the easiest and most logical step to undertake is trying to position the leg in a way that the joint is connected in its optimal position and the legs are balanced. When that balance is achieved the hip can relax in its original position, so can the related muscles and structures that had been affected by the shift.

Dorn Spinal Therapy offers a number of exercises that help bringing the joints back to their optimal position and one of them is the following which can help you bringing your hip joints back into balance.

Lie down, make sure you are relaxed and as straight as possible.
Bring one of your legs into a 90 degree angle, meaning bending your hip and knee.
If you are working on your right leg use your right hand, place it just under the crease of your buttocks above the legs, also called the knicker line and make sure you have a good grip.
Now pull with your right hand towards your head as if you are trying to pull your leg towards you and at the same time straighten your leg and bring it down to rest. It looks like a bicycle move.
Repeat this step 3 times and then move to the other leg and repeat the whole process.
When you cannot reach your hip joint with your hands you can also use a towel. Just wrap it around your hip joint under the buttocks, hold on to it with both hands and whilst you pull the towel straighten your leg and bring it down.
When they are not causing any problem make sure to repeat those exercises on a daily basis, ideally 2x a day.
Do not sit with crossed legs or in twisted posture like many women tend to do. Always make sure you sit with your feet slightly apart so your body is well supported and always sit straight in front of your object. Be it a person you are talking to, your computer or at meals.
When ever you feel pain doing the exercises stop them immediately. It is not about forcing anything and sometimes these exercises are not right for you.

If you like this exercise and can feel the benefit I can assure you will find many more beneficial exercises in my book Let’s talk back which you can also find on this website. All the exercises are illustrated and easy to repeat. Furthermore you get good advice on what you should watch out for on a daily basis in order to protect your back and get rid of your pain.

For more information on Dorn Method Therapy don’t hesitate to visit us at and live a pain free life today.

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