Easy Eye Exercises to Improve Your Vision

It is important to do exercises to improve your eyesight. These present are the only natural method to strengthen and make the eye muscle more elastic. They will also reduce the great tension the eyes experience especially when your do work on your computer or when reading. The overall result on your vision will be very beneficial – you will maintain the natural ability of the eyes to focus easily on short and long distances. Moreover, the anxiety and headaches caused by eye tension will no longer appear. In fact, if you devote just a few minutes a day to natural eyesight improvement, you will postpone or even totally prevent the effects of aging on the eyes.

Your eye exercises can begin with palming as the Bates method recommends. Close your eyes and cover them with your palms, you can massage the eyeballs gently if you wish. You can continue with moving your eyes up and down, to the left and to the right, clockwise and anticlockwise. Move your finger (or a pencil) from your nose to an arm’s length distance slowly and follow the movement with your eyes. Close your eyes and squeeze them as tightly as possible, you should feel the eye muscles contracting. Around ten times of repetition is usually more than enough. After doing each set of exercises blink intensively to relax your eyes.

These are just the basic eye exercises. You can include a staring and focusing on short and long distance points. The Bates method also includes imagination as a way to relax and improve your vision. The famous physician recommended imaging an eye chart and following it from the largest numbers and letters on the top to the smallest ones at the bottom. You can also reduce the eye dryness by adding natural drops to the eyes.

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