Eye Exercises By Dr. Bates

If you have a history of eye problems then you have probably heard for the methodology of Dr. W. Bates. This philosophy has been discussed all over Internet and still people are wondering each day can this really work?
First of all, let me explain who Dr. Bates was and what his philosophy was. Well, he was ophthalmologists who spend many years experimenting and finally come up with a theory that was (for his time) revolutionary but unfortunately not excepted well among colleagues.
Dr. Bates claimed, that all types of vision disorders are a result to lack of strength in eye muscles and that it can actually be healed and vision completely improved just by following his detail instructions for eye exercises. You will understand how his theory was not well accepted not only because of doctors who refused to depart from traditional methods of treatment, but also due to the financial aspect. Today a lot of money lies in the vision improvement industry and not too many specialists are willing to recommend an alternative treating method for vision improvement that costs ten times less than laser surgery or medical aids prescribed to patients with vision and eye disorders.
What was actually the point in Dr. Bates philosophy that caused numerous protests by his colleagues was his claim that eye glasses and contact lenses actually make your vision worse and not helping at all. He claimed that people should not use any medical aids to improve their vision. When you think about it, it makes quite sense. Eye is a muscle and like any other muscle when not in use becomes lazy and eventually loses its functionality. Wearing glasses only make the situation worse and ultimately does not help your eyesight, jet you are bound to purchase new glasses with larger prescription each year.
Today, there are a lot of materials and courses explaining the method of Dr. Bates exercises and more and more people each day write testimonials about their sight miraculously improve at the surprise of their doctors. Usually people claims that they experienced improvement in their vision around day three and four of implementing eye exercises by dr. Bates and with time and persistence they were able to stop wearing their glasses and lenses after 30-40 days completely.

Details about Dr. Bates exercises and how they are implemented read here: http://www.eye-exercise.org