Eye Exercises For Blurry Vision

Your vision is an invaluable tool that you use all day, everyday: From moving around the house, to driving, to playing sports, to reading, to writing, to watching TV, to working a job, to cooking, to cleaning, etc. This list goes on an on. An entire book could probably be written about all the things one uses their eyesight for! Unknown to many, though, a person who normally wears corrective lenses (i.e. glasses or contacts) can do a series of simple eye exercises to improve vision in a natural, safe, and effective way.

Right now, billions of people in the world rely on corrective lenses for them to function in their everyday lives. But wearing glasses does not correct the problem at the source; it just masks it. The problem actually comes from within and around the eye, and with proper care and exercise, one can bring their eyesight back to normal by performing eye exercises to improve vision.

Our eyes are muscles just like every other muscle in the body and need proper training and exercise to stay fit and healthy. So with some simple eye exercises to improve vision, it is definitely possible for a person who is nearsighted, farsighted, or astigmatic to see clearly again without glasses or contacts.

Now, don’t get me wrong, glasses are a wonderful invention. They make millions of people see clearly who would otherwise be seeing blurrily. But glasses are the easy way out. When someone realizes they cannot see clearly, they go to the eye doctor, get a prescription for glasses or contacts, and out they go, all in the matter of a day. Quick and easy and they can see fine once more. But again, they are not solving the problem at the source. Just a person with a strained hamstring must rehab their leg to bring it back to full functionality, a person who wears corrective lenses should perform simple eye exercises to improve vision naturally and safely.

Here is a short list of some proven eye exercises to improve vision:

? Palming
? Eye Circles
? Eye Massage
? Focusing techniques
? Splashing
? Sunning
? Scanning
? Obtaining a reduced prescription

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