Eye Exercises ? How Effective Are They?

Since the introduction of eye Exercises to correct eye problems, there has been long drawn out debate within both scholarly and academic circles regarding the technique’s efficacy. Valid questions have been raised as to whether eye Exercises are really scientific and work or just religious mumbo jumbo. An objective approach towards the question of validity of eye Exercises may help understand why the significance of vision therapy continues to grow despite the skeptic views attached to it.

The reason why many are skeptical about the efficacy of eye Exercises may stem from the fact that authentic and authoritative scientific researchers and sources are still widely divided in terms of opinion. Some research carried out among a number of eye disorder patients put under visual training has shown that the technique is actually extremely effective. Vision therapy has been shown to treat eye disorders that are binocular in nature, refractive errors and perception disorders (i.e. nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, etc.). Unless valid questions are raised regarding the research methods employed (which has not been the case most of the time) then it can only be objective to accept their positive results.

There seems to be a general consensus among scientific researchers and eye care practitioners that visual therapy techniques aimed at restoring normal eye functionalities in patients with misaligned eye problems are actually effective. Patients with convergence limitations (difficulties directing both eyes inwards towards an item) have responded positively to eye Exercises.

Vision therapy administered towards patients with complications other than misaligned eye disorders has also been shown to be effective to some degree. Some scientists believe that this kind of therapy can correct a number of eye disorders emanating from brain complications that affect visual functionalities of the eye.

There are, however, concerns that most of the evidence gathered during research aimed at validating different techniques of implementing vision therapy is not robust enough to carry weight of authority. In some cases any damaging facts gathered are either not revealed or covered up for by exaggerating the prominence of positive results. Such research methods lack in objectivity and credibility.

The most attacked visual training technique is the non-strabismic. Credible scientific authorities have asserted that the effectiveness of such visual training techniques cannot be proven in the treatment of refractive errors of the eyes or disorders emanating from infection of the eyes. Credible authorities have also issued counter statements to the contrary.

So some credible research reveals that eye Exercises are very effective in making a person see more clearly, and others say they are not. Therefore, we can conclude that eye Exercises do work and have been very effective for many people. The only real way to find out is to try them for yourself.

Since the eye is a body part just like any other, it is logical to expect good results out of regular eye Exercises. Optimum utilization of the eyes through regular exercising will always guarantee a healthier status of your vision.

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