Eye Exercises: How To Relax The Eye Muscles

Our health is important to our overall well being.  Doctors recommend a yearly checkup just to make sure that everything is fine.  In order to remain healthy your doctor will always recommend that you eat right, get plenty of rest and exercise.  

Your eyes need the same type of attention in order to remain healthy.  A visit to an eye doctor usually consists of a series of tests so they can see what condition your eyes are in.  If you aren’t currently wearing some type of artificial lens, they may prepare you for that need in the future or if you are already wearing some type of lens, you may need a stronger prescription.  Either way, prepare yourself because they aren’t going to tell you that in order for your eyes to remain healthy that you need to eat right, get plenty of rest and exercise.

In order for your eyes to remain free of any type of artificial lens, taking care of your health is crucial.  Most people aren’t aware that you can take these types of precautions for your eyes as well.  They need exercise in order to stay healthy too.  So, how can you learn how to relax your eye muscles?  Here are some things you can start doing today.

Your eyes need to get back to their natural relaxed state.  In order to accomplish this, close your eyes every now and then during the day and enjoy the darkness.  When your eyes are open, make sure that you look at things with a relaxed expression on your face.  No more frowning or scrunching your forehead .  Let your eyes move around as you look at things instead of focusing really hard on just one object.  Try to always look at (and think about) things that you find fascinating and enjoyable and try not to waste your time looking at things that depress, annoy or frustrate you.

Anytime you lay in bed, relax your eyes.  When you close your eyes, cover them with a dark soft cloth.  Let your  entire mind and body relax.  The more you relax, the more your eyes will observe total darkness.  From time to time, try to visualize only pleasant and enjoyable things.  When you are able to do this, your eyes will soften and begin to start seeing better at any distance.

This can be a time consuming process because old habits are hard to break.  Once you learn to start seeing things in a more relaxed state, your eyes will start to vastly improve.

Adrienne Smith is a work at home business owner and she enjoys helping others find the same success. Having had poor eyesight herself from many hours of computer work, she was thrilled to learn of these amazing methods that have improved her eyesight. If you would like to learn more about the methods mentioned above, please be sure to visit Vision Without Glasses today.

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