Eye Exercises To Improve Eyesight

Computer eye strain is an extremely common eye problem that affects almost everyone who working in the office spending more than 8 hours in staring at the computer screen. The reason for computer eye strain is that the eye muscles are over worked which results in the annoying feeling of itchy, dry, watery or blurred. It seems to be a very small eye problem. However, if computer eye strain frequently happens, it can also lead to tired, sore, and even headaches. In this situation, it can affect your career, because you can’t keep concentrated during your work.

Although there is not effective ways to treat eye strain, there are many methods to prevent it from happening. The most important things in preventing eye strain is that you should take care of your eyes in your daily life. Following are 6 methods that may help you to get rid of computer eye strain.

Blink your eyes often is one of the easiest ways that can help you get rid of eye strain symptoms such as flaky, itchy, dry and burning eyes. According to experts’ report, you will blink five times less when you use a computer or staring at any other item for a long period of time. So keep this concept in your mind, blink your eyes as often as possible.

An alternative way to keep your eyes lubricated is to use eye drops, in case you can’t remember blink your eye often during your work time. You can buy the over counter eye drops from the local stores without prescription. Two to three drops of the medicine for each eye is enough to protect your eyes for a whole day.

Rest your eyes for a few minutes every hour maybe the easiest way to avoid eye strain. For example, you can go to have a tea so that you can relax your eyes at the same time and keep them fresh all through the day.

There are many kinds of software available online to prevent eye strain. If you can’t remember to give your eyes a rest, you are recommended to use the software some of which will lock your computer for one minute every period of time, so that your eyes have enough time to recover.

Besides, your working environment is also important for preventing eye strain. For example, if you are facing a window, you may be easier to get eye strain. Switch to another position and make sure you have a comfortable light supply. And your computer monitor should also be in the right level and distance for your eyes.

Finally, it is necessary to visit your optometrist every year. You can have your eyes checked up and get suggestions about the treatment for strained eyes from your eye doctor. Otherwise, you may need a pair of glasses to correct your vision.

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